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Vespa Guy, please park however you want

Forty-something shouldn’t be a viable, die-able age.

“Catenary,” a word worth saving

Post Title: Catenary Post Date: December 14, 2014 I like words. Sometimes I find words and type them into my phone to think about later. While at SanFran’s “Exploratorium” this summer, I happened upon “catenary.” ...

Playing the Mongoloid card

Post Title: Object Permanence Post Date: February 8, 2015 The “Mongoloid” card gets played despite ground rules and — across the table — Jenn and I meet glances. Finn’s asleep in Jenn’s lap, thumb resolutely ...

Remembering Mom

Hypocrisy and condescension were her sworn enemies

Mom died last week at the age of 93, two months after Dad’s funeral, which came a few weeks after he turned 95. Although they were inseparable and fiercely loyal to one another throughout their ...

Rest in Peace, Dialup Dad

They never did anything on their own unless the other person was included.

Shortly after my 70th birthday, I began my math quest

Post Title: It’s Not Too Late to Learn Post Date: October 8, 2014 Eight months ago, shortly after my 70th birthday, I began my quest to conquer calculus. I justified my interest in higher-level math ...

Benjamin Franklin's example

Post Title: What if Benjamin Franklin were alive today? How would his 12 virtues apply to a modern-day setting? Post Date: December 11, 2012 Many historians and biographers have written extensively about Franklin and his ...

Change your mind

Beware, the negative bias

Post Title: Change your thoughts; change your life Post Date: September 5, 2014 Attitude and behaviors are two things that can determine success or failure, both are influenced by memories. According to Dr. Norman Doidge, ...

Vegan in the steakhouse

Post Title: Getting Vegan Stuffed at Donovan’s Chop House in La Jolla Post Date: December 4, 2014 Yes, I am going to be posting a lot about vegan dining at steak houses. Of course vegans ...

Vegan forager on the loose

The world needs this vegan friendliness blog.

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