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Three Feet Deep

ALS makes for tears just above freezng.

Dina Hurwitz writes about her husband with ALS and the hope that nearly disappears by the end of each day.

Threshold, Part 2

Urban parklets, iPad minis, 144 square feet of living space — local architects point out how cool it is to go micro.


How big you want your micro-flat?

Architects John Sheehan, Josh Hoffman write about the trend toward construction of “micro-flats.”

Yoga disparaged

The girl can’t help it — she doesn’t like yoga

Title: Towel Required Address: Author: Cori Holstedt From: Little Italy Blogging since: April 2013 Post Date: September 10, 2013 If workouts could be as trendy as denim-on-denim was in the ’80s, then yoga would ...

This Land Is My Land

The author of Shallow Be My Name has something to say about California

A San Diego visitor from Edmonton writes about getting older and the the clichés inherent in folk music.

Uma and the skunk

Blogger Patty Clark envisions what it would be like to bleed to death. Then she writes about a skunk intruder in her home.

The Fussy Fork

Does anything scream summer like fresh corn?

A blogger eats her way through San Diego in search of vegan restaurants.

Blood, Sweat, and Spit: Memories of Adams Avenue Theater and the Rock Palace

A quarter-century after the concerts at Adams Avenue Theater and the Palace, a blogger imagines an entryway streaked with the scuff of Doc Martens and cigarette butts; blood, sweat, and spit in the hall; the pit, swinging fists and bodies, a stage bomb, a swan dive from the balcony...

Gary Heffern meets Iggy Pop

Ray Brandes tells a story about Beat Farmer Dan McLain (aka Country Dick) when he was still a Penetrator.

Mods Gone Wild! Clairemont High “Riot” of ‘82

Historical account of Manual Scan bopping like popcorn at Clairemont High School, c.1982.

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