Stories for December 2002

Thursday, December 19

He's Sad for Ships

Richard DeRosset was shipwrecked on the 21st of May 1977 while returning from a commercial fishing trip off the banks of San Nicolas Island. There was a stack fire on the Petrel that night. It ...

Tecate Train Station's Architectural Mystery

Prairie period depot needs help

A woman who is rumored to be the wife of the late caretaker has been staying there every night until recently. During the winter, she made fires inside the depot. Everything was wood, the furniture, the floors,.

High Noon in Dulzura

A laid-back sheriff prowls laid-back Dulzura

Illegal passing on 94 became a bigger problem when CalTrans wrote new regulations. One such area is Daley Flats, a one-mile stretch of straight road on 94 that runs between Rancho Jamul and the town of Jamul.

Tales of death

A world-famous promoter of euthanasia is set to show off his new $50 suicide machine at the national convention of the Hemlock Society here next month. Dubbed by critics the Jack Kevorkian of Australia, Dr. ...

Descend into Hell Creek and rise beyond in Valley Center's Hellhole Canyon Open Space Preserve

Eleven miles of hiking trail lace through the 1700-acre Hellhole Canyon Open-Space Preserve, east of Valley Center. The San Diego County parks department acquired this former parcel of surplus public-domain land, one of several such ...

The Year-end Quiz: How Smart Are You in 2002?

According to Grandma Alice, the Christmas theme at our house this year will be Homeland Security. She's registered at the local army surplus store so we'll know exactly what to put in her stocking. The ...

Thursday, December 12

What You Do When You're Done Being a Playboy

Bob McElroy, head of the Alpha Project, and Martin Luther King III were walking slowly along the sidewalk as McElroy was telling King about homelessness in San Diego and the problems of alcohol and narcotics ...

You Can't Build Away Congestion

SANDAG eyes traffic relief

The 805 coming north out of the South Bay is known as one of the most congested areas on San Diego County's freeways in the morning, but it is hardly the worst.

We Used to Arrest Such Nice People

Eighty thousand cars a day pass through the immigration checkpoint at the south end of Temecula. And that means about 80,000 times a day a question gets asked: Why is this here, 70 miles north ...

Tijuana Flowers Face Extinction

Tijuana’s flower makers disappear

Just north of Third Street, on the east side of Avenida Revolución, florista Esperanza Cervantes and her husband José Arias sit in metal folding chairs. Their backs are to the street. Across the street, American ...

Kehoe's plea

Less than a month after her re-election to the state assembly, Democrat Christine Kehoe has taken aim at the next rung of the political ladder, getting the jump on probable rival and ex-assembly Democratic colleague ...

Check out the shore birds at Orange County's Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve

Long ago, extensive saltwater and freshwater marshes lined Orange County's coast between Seal Beach and Newport Beach. The sandy beaches along that coast remain, but most of the wetlands succumbed to the 20th-century tide of ...

Thursday, December 5

Down and Out

John’s eyes were red and unfocused. He couldn’t stand still but took a few steps into the parking lot, then kicked the railing of the stairs leading to the second floor. “They set me up, ...

Fuller's Bitter E-Mail Trail

Clyde Fuller says he's through with politics. He doesn't want to discuss his failed race for the San Diego Unified school board against John de Beck ever again, period. "It's over, it's over, it's over," ...

Young Euros Take Peculiar Vacations

Tijuana is becoming a destination for European youth looking to spend long-term stints in a new culture. But they're not coming to the border city for great weather, nightlife, or proximity to San Diego. Five ...

Edible City

San Diegans who refer panhandlers to St. Vincent de Paul Village or the Rescue Mission may not know about San Diego's third option for free food: the local canyons. Jon Rebman, Ph.D., the curator of ...

Just plain Osama

That La Mesa-based Saudi Arabian who reportedly got thousands of dollars from Saudi Princess Haifa al Faisal prior to the World Trade Center attacks owes the U.S. government some back taxes. According to county records, ...

Sixty-four miles of bicycling bliss await you on Anza-Borrego's Highway S-2.

Road-biking doesn't get any better than on San Diego County's remote mountain and desert rural highways -- especially those beyond Palomar and Julian, where traffic thins considerably and the roads themselves are often accompanied by ...

It's the facultative diapause season

Matt: I have some friends who live in the Frozen North. They claim that when they close up all the windows for winter, flies collect on the window sill and lie dormant for the rest ...

Monday, December 2

Alice McDermott's Child of My Heart

15-year-old Theresa on Long Island

Ms. McDermott writes in Child of My Heart a horrible, grisly, bloody scene with a cat. The scene was so well-wrought in all its bloodiness and horror that I found myself looking away from the page.

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