Tallsharon Entries for June, 2012



I hate it when I catch sight of something that doesnt seem to fit the puzzle- like environmental energy activist ...

that car wash

Ive been there twice. I should go tomorrow and leave it first thing, pick it up at lunch. My car ...

We Baby Boomers are All That- are we?

Did I just wake up? Or did I just have an Oprah ah ha moment? Old people irritating me by ...

Reaching for the Light

I've been sitting here for hours. hours. Trying not to spend money. Trying not to eat (again). Trying not to ...

Reflections Day 3 or at least half of it...whew!

24.4.12 Up before the alarm, and my phone was now charged, so I plugged in the back up battery for ...

How I ended up in Marrakech Part 2

I decided I would return in 2011 and participate in the Caravane. On my 60th birthday in 2010, I set ...

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