Translated by Fulano from a news article in Frontera.

Two subjects violently entered an artisan products business named Curios Panchos, where they managed to relieve an 81-year old customer inside of her belongings.

According to the report, at 5PM two masked men broke into the business, the first was wearing blue pants and a grey sweatshirt, and the other was wearing black pants and a grey sweatshirt.

The assailants immediately pointed their weapons at customers and salespeople, taking from one a wallet with $150 dollars and credit cards, another of the salespersons was robbed of 200 pesos and identification.

One of those affected was Diana Miller Call, an 81-year old tourist, who was robbed of $43 dollars and a gold chain with a cross while the other employees were tied hand and feet.

Finishing their work, the assailants fled from the rear of the store, and then one of those assaulted called the police and the Red Cross, whose services were fortunately not needed.


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