Memorial Day celebration in San Diego County

The American flag atop Mount Suribachi is a war memorial. Eva, if you do not understand the difference between a religious structure (Christian cross) and four soldiers on the island of Iwo Jima attempting to place a flagpole flying the American flag into the ground atop Mount Suribachi, please ask. Eva Knott said, "The awe-inspiring place has been used as a memorial park since 1914." Ms. Knott, where have you researched this information in your third paragraph? The well-researched Wikipedia article "Mount Soledad Cross" makes no mention of "a memorial park since 1914." As a long time La Jollan, I have never heard about "a memorial park since 1914." If you have made an error in your article or received mis-information from an organization in the form of a press release, please inform your readers. Eva Knott canknott be serious when the secondary title in her article reflects, "Timely ceremony at Mount Soledad veterans' memorial" The title "Mount Soledad veterans' memorial" does not exist in Wikipedia and is the figment of a group of individuals who are attempting to rewrite history. Prior to 1989 the "Easter Cross" related to the dedication of this Christian erection in 1954 on Easter Sunday by the grandmother of William Kellogg. This awkward attempt by this self-ordained "Mount Soledad veterans' association" began in the years following the successful lawsuit by the late Phillip Paulsen in 1989. Beginning in 1989 to present, every court has declared this Christian cross to be unconstitutional on public land whether owned by the City of San Diego or the United States (Federal) Government. This is the separation of church and state. A Christian cross no more represents the American war dead than a Star of David. No Buddhist, Hindu or Jew would have any desire to have a Christian cross on their grave. This Christian cross atop Mount Soledad is an insult to nearly everyone who served their country, including Catholics and Protestants. I strongly recommend everyone to go to Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery on Point Loma for exquisite views and to remember the American war dead. There are no war dead atop Mount Soledad, only plaques affixed to obfuscate an unconstitutional religious symbol. The easiest route for everyone would be to remove the arms of the cross. By doing so, this edifice would become a stile. Then Christians could imagine the stile as a cross and non-Christians would envision a war memorial. Eva, take my idea and make it yours in a future article. Now that you have my permission, no one will accuse you of plagiarism.
— May 26, 2013 10:30 a.m.

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