Robert Mizrachi


**Posted on (reposted here as a service to the poor dude):** STOLEN SURBOARD 6.6 pintail - Epoxy -Red and White - Pancho Sullivan Posted: (03/03) THIS BOARD HAS BEEN STOLEN FROM ME ON March 3, 2013 at SUNSET CLIFF. PANCHO SULLIVAN, 6.6" pintail, red and white, sticker that reads "Wave Loch" While surfing Abs my leash snap, my board washed up on the beach when a guy, approximate 5.8 ft. tall, white, grabbed it and ran off. By the time I swam to the shore, him and board were long gone. If you run into my surfboard, I would much appreciate if you can please let me know. 619.379.6879 Here you can see some pictures Thanks!
— March 4, 2013 2:41 p.m.

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