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Voiceless children of San Ysidro

I really don't think that union bosses are controlling the school board. What I believe is happening is that teachers have been pushed around for the past several years, what with great budget cuts mandated by state shortfalls in funding, bad leadership from various school districts and all the "reform" efforts that are really all about dismantling public education as we know it. As a result, many teachers have realized the need to be more politically active than they have in the past, so that the voices of the teachers will be heard. That is not a bad idea. We need to hear from all sides, all voices are welcome in public discourse. It is, of course, helpful when rhetoric is ramped down rather than up, so all of us can focus on practical, reasonable solutions to the various problems at hand. Please don't make teachers out to be the enemy. They most definitely are not the enemy. The teachers' unions aren't the enemy either. The enemy is those who would shut down all of our voices, who in fact did their very best to shut down our voices, and those names included are Jim Cartmill and John McCann. They worked very hard to disenfranchise everyone in Sweetwater school district, by limiting public input, ignoring the serious concerns of the public, doing their level best to confuse the public regarding board meetings, expelling the public from a board meeting, and so forth. Let's remember what we have gone through to get where we are, and remember that we aren't done yet. We need honest, hard-working, reasonable and intelligent people on our school boards--for a change.
— October 13, 2014 4:48 p.m.

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