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Olympic committee to palm off training center?

The Olympic Training Center didn't get the corporate sponsorship it needed after ARCO dropped out almost 20 years ago. People who bought expensive homes in the "Woods" areas did so thinking there would be a commercial area with restaurants and views of the lake within walking distance of their homes, and it was a disappointment when the condos were built. And those condos were built out very quickly. And very close together. To me, they look more like student housing than anything else, which is making sense with the talk of the OTC being retained as the athletic facilities of the university (unnamed) being discussed by Chula Vista. So, how does a community turn some negatives into positives? Start by involving the community a bit more--people are correct in saying that the city plan has been stomped on. Many times there have been items which are a part of the plan, but which disappear. It doesn't engender a great deal of trust in city government. I have also heard fears that the university might end up being several storefront offices for a few "for profit" schools...which will definitely not enhance Chula Vista's reputation. So why didn't Chula Vista work with the OTC in a consistent and gradual manner, so that a working relationship would make it easier to get things done that satisfy both entities? I wish I knew. IF--some people still have thoughts of San Diego getting the summer Olympics at some point, I thought I heard that for some reason, areas specifically designated as property of the US Olympic Committee cannot be used as venues. So that a transfer from the USOC might mean that the OTC (under a different name) could be eligible IF San Diego obtained the summer Olympics. But all of that seems far-fetched to me.
— August 15, 2014 6:48 p.m.

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