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We don’t want the stinkin’ charter expansion

Now that Ed Brand is gone (although we are still paying him, and apparently will be paying for his mistakes for far too long...), does his agreement with the U-T still hold?? That is, to downplay all the problems, and to arrange the information that is given to the public to show as little as possible of all the graft, corruption and abuse of public monies? I ask the question here, in this venue just to see what people think--any guesses, any opinions? Is Sweetwater still being protected by news media? Are people still trying to keep a lid on the stinking cauldron? Well, unless all this nonsense comes to a screeching halt, that stinking cauldron may toppled over. Right into the fire. We have been fed up so long--- Those who are now in charge of the district need to realize that we, the taxpaying public, will be satisfied with nothing less than FULL DISCLOSURE of all financial situations, bank accounts, deals, real estate ventures, charter schools and any other hooha that Ed Brand and his many friends have dreamed up. Remember that old saying, "The Buck Stops Here!" That was President Harry Truman acknowledging that he had to answer for everything. We demand nothing less from Tim Glover--I am sure people are still trying to keep secrets from him, because Ed Brand's truths are just so very unpleasant. But, we need Tim Glover to say, "The Buck Stops Here! There will be no more slimy, secret deals to benefit persons known and/or unknown." The inter-district warfare for students--between Chula Vista Elementary School District and Sweetwater--needs to come to an end. We do not need to manufacture ways to spend public monies--putting far too much into the pockets of friends of the departed Ed Brand.
— July 17, 2014 12:22 p.m.

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