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We don’t want the stinkin’ charter expansion

anniej, yes, why are our public school taxes being used to support a *private* Charter? We got a partial answer at the board meeting when Mr. Calhoun said that the district charges the charters some 3% handling fee...and then there is the concept of using charter designations to give schools in Performance Improvement a clean slate. But there is also the fact that once charter designations are in place, the community has little control over that school...forgive me if I am wrong, but aren't teachers of charter schools in somewhat weaker positions than are teachers in regular public schools? Administrators have much more freedom to move teachers like chess pieces, and in this way...retaliate against teachers if they so choose. Yes, this type of administrative control must have been very appealing to Ed Brand. Perhaps Dr. Glover can do something about this issue? I am of the opinion that all of Ed Brand's pet projects need to be thoroughly scrutinized, all of the consultants he had a hand in hiring need to be stringently evaluated and his efforts to set up the Athletic Hall of Fame as well as the separate CIF section should be examined as simply part of his Jobs For Friends program. Here's a thought...if you want an Athletic Hall of Fame, why not have a virtual one, online. And why restrict it to athletes of Sweetwater? Why not have a Sweetwater Alumni Hall of Fame, for all former students who have made outstanding contributions in their chosen fields? Again--we need to really think about what should stay and what should go!! (Reminds me of another old rock song...)!
— July 20, 2014 7:12 a.m.

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