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Next up: Sweetwater's sodbuster supe

That would make sense to me. And then perhaps we could get some answers regarding why this thing was pushed along as it was? Who profited from this one? The County Board of Education was a willing participant in this deal, despite all the public outcry. Which does sort of lead to the "collusion conclusion"! Why was (is) it so difficult to oust all the bad players in Sweetwater? Because the corruption and collusion are endemic--the atmosphere is somehow ripe for the growth of corruption in Sweetwater. Why? Why was it so difficult getting anyone to listen? Because some entity or entities had "arrangements"? I phoned or emailed every single politician that represented me, when the Sweetwater mess was at its most egregious, and got ZERO response. Marty Block's office said they had no say, jurisdiction, power--and why was that? It almost looks to me like the politicians had already sold public education down the river, like it was a done deal, dead. Yet, there is life in the old girl yet, as many people are waking up to realize that they do not just want to go along with what is happening with private corporations draining all the school funds, testing becoming overly dominant and teachers being blamed for socio-economic problems they are dealing with, yet did not cause. So, thank goodness a few good people were paying attention--the early warning system of responsible citizens here in Sweetwater might have spawned awareness that is vital to the survival of the public schools in this country. Just think what it would be like if people such as anniej had decided to take up tennis instead!!
— March 22, 2015 8:15 a.m.

Pacific View saved

— March 16, 2015 11:23 a.m.

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