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The garbage man challenged

oskidoll--I think that it is important for all of us who want to live in a functional, reasonable city with functional, reasonable schools, police department, fire department, etc. that we find out just who is the prime mover around here. Or there may be more than one "mover". Whatever is going on needs to go on in the light of day, and we need to hear the particulars. We end up paying for things one way or the other--or both ways, or every way from Sunday. We pay in Mello-Roos fees that are never-ending, although it is quite possible the fund should have capped out years ago when the initial required goal was reached for CFD #1. We pay in inept leadership that never calls these behind-the-scenes types on their influence--because the inept leadership continues to make decisions that are not in the best interests of community members. We pay, pay and pay as funds that should be used only for structural things, or items that will last five years or longer are used for very temporary, breakable things. We pay when our Mello-Roos funds are wrongly given/applied to schools and students not in any CFD. This needs to stop now. We need to get a grasp on things, sort things out and use funding sources in a legal and forthright manner. No more sleaze, tricks, schemes and dishonest maneuvers. We have had more than enough of that. Yes, Ed Brand and Dianne Russo are being called on their misuse of pensions. Let us hope that someone will look into all the other things they managed to do that they shouldn't have done. That complicit board of McCann, Cartmill and Ricasa might just have to 'reconvene' for a few more depositions. Corruption spreads unless everything is done in the light of day, is reported to the public, and the public watches what is going on. Personally, I think we here in the communities that make up south San Diego county are rather fed up with self-appointed honchos who think they can rob us blind and leave us with nothing but poor business decisions and the bills that go on for decades. Yes, thank goodness for Susan Luzzaro, and that small band of community-minded people who started looking into all of these inter-related messes. Let's hope we can hack away at the corruption until those who are corrupt finally realize that they are not welcome here.
— February 21, 2015 6:53 a.m.

Startled trigger finger to blame

— February 19, 2015 2:23 p.m.

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