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Sweetwater board candidate stumps on civility

I have to believe the main reason that Sweetwater under Ed Brand all but wiped out the R.O.P program is that they were very interested/motivated/paid off to usher in the new era of the "For Profit" schools. Remember, it was around this time that Brand was trying to link up with all sorts of questionable educational institutions...and handing over students' private contact information to these same institutions. Brand was trying to turn Sweetwater students into more of a revenue stream for himself and pals. The fact that Jerry Brown had decided to reallocate some of the funds didn't help...because it gave Brand the excuse he was looking for. You see, in the sick mind of Ed Brand and all those who have gone along with him (and any who still continue to go along with him), Sweetwater students are only numbers for state reimbursement and objects to take financial advantage of. Why have a nice R.O.P. program, when you can charge students an arm and a leg plus interest to learn the same thing--and get "bonus" payments for it!!! Of course, this is merely my take on the matter. Perhaps there is a better understanding of what has gone on in Sweetwater. If so, I really hope to learn what it is! In the meantime, jerrythomas, I wonder what Ed Brand is doing these days with all his time? I wonder if he has any other tricks up his rather large sleeves. Keep speaking out, don't let what has been lost and destroyed be forgotten!
— September 26, 2014 2:42 p.m.

Sweetwater board candidate stumps on civility

Cue the theme from "The Godfather"...as the warbling accordion music softly plays, let us think of Mr. Cartmill's real accomplishments. He voted every single time, in absolute lock-step, with the Brand/Gandara/Brand administrations which were rife with corrupt dealings. He did not call a halt to any of the horrifying wastes of attorney fees when Mr. Garcia was charging top dollar the moment he started his car in his driveway in the L.A. area and drove down here. He did not call a halt to any of the poor usages of attorney fees and other related legal fees for law suits that were unwarranted. (Fighting a girl's softball field for over 10 years when it was clearly mandated by Title IX...and then, when all of us thought it was over and done with , we just recently learn that the board filed an appeal in 2012, which they, of course, LOST! And we end up paying half a million dollars more! This, all will be interested to know, AFTER THE FIELD HAS BEEN INSTALLED AND HAS BEEN UP AND RUNNING FOR A COUPLE OF YEARS--something like a $1 million job...) I could go on and on. Mr. Cartmill apparently does not understand what it is a board member of a school district is supposed to do, which is unfortunate, because he has been doing it (or not doing it) for the past 20 years. Great Day In The Morning...I hope all have awakened, and know better than to vote for Cartmill, who is clearly not capable of the discernment required to do the job as board member. Or if he does have the discernment, he long ago chose to ignore it and vote with those whose financial support could be counted on. Too bad the latter is what is called corruption. But let's all be polite, while Cartmill and pals play burn the tax and bond funds, as the public isn't paying attention. Except we now are paying attention. I have a campaign slogan for you, Mr. Cartmill: **Honestly, if you want Honesty, you don't want Cartmill!!**
— September 25, 2014 11:12 a.m.

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