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It would have been prudent...

I really hate to say it, but perhaps it wasn't just happenstance that those Sweetwater board members were such a bunch of, shall we say...underachievers? So, for example, if one were a string-puller, wouldn't it be great to have people in place who are ok with doing whatever they are told or "advised", all for a small bit of publicity, a few perks and a bit of status--and maybe the promise of a payoff down the road? Something like "If you just go along with this now, you can have the _______ of your dreams". Or, you know that we'd like X to happen--as long as you do your part to help, you will get Y. Why else would the informed community members who have made their voices known have such difficulty being heard--and listened to? I am left to conclude that some developer influence has played a part in all of this. I will go out on a limb to say that Ed Brand's delusions of grandeur must have made it easy for developers to shift into high gear with all these projects/schemes/scams. None of this appears to have been accomplished with any degree of legality, although there are elements which are cloaked in some semi-legal claptrap. I really hope the judicial system isn't completely crooked as well. We all know that Judge Espana isn't going to win any awards for being a deep thinker or even a public-minded individual, more's the pity, but let's just hope the bar she set is much lower than the bar others in that branch of government live up to. Complicity is a word we have mentioned before, but things look rather more widespread at this point. Pretty horrifying to think that for decades our children have been robbed of opportunities because monies have been shifted into schemes for developers/Ed Brand and his coterie of opportunists. May the full fury of the law be brought down on every single person who has gone along with this wholesale thievery. Turning your back on children, their education, the future of your own community and country. What an accomplishment for all those involved. Sickening.
— November 25, 2014 2:09 p.m.

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