Chula Vista University, anyone?

I will repeat a suggestion from someone else--that Chula Vista would be a good site for another Cal Poly. As there are only two of those, and the San Diego area has UCSD, and SDSU as well as San Marcos, a Cal Poly would definitely add something new and workable to the mix. I do think that establishing a college or university in Chula Vista is a great idea, but know that many people will be nay-sayers. Many people will disparage any notion that something good could happen here, which is why it is necessary to work towards making something good happen. Bringing in international cooperation is ok to a point. But the entire venture needs to be solid with plans within the US, so that if a 'partner' were to back out, the overall institution would not fall apart. Again, I will say that if this happens, the campus should be built with accessibility in mind, with energy saving in mind, with water saving in mind. Roofs could be pitched so that run-off can be gatherered. "A Smart Campus for A Smart School"--believe it or not, Chula Vista could become a showplace for intelligent planning. There is so much that can be accomplished if we start with clear thoughts of a worthy school. Let's think of what will serve the young people the best--and what will serve the future. People who like to downgrade anything south of 94 or 54 as not worth investing in--(except when they run north with profits) are not who we need to listen to. Nor do we need to listen to those who fancy themselves "big", but never really do anything for this area. However they might like to be on boards, if they never do anything good and are there for show, publicity and for the chance to grab corporate handouts, we don't want them as a part of this project. We want people who can think, plan, dream, organize, build, create, inspire--people who know that higher education is more than dollar bills. It is the way to show all people what they can be capable of.
— July 17, 2015 11 a.m.

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