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Only a fence between them

Well said.
— February 23, 2015 6:02 p.m.

Only a fence between them

Schools should not be revenue streams for outside interests, and I fear that has been happening here in south San Diego county, and is still happening. That is a big part of the problem with Common Core, and it is also a problem with some charter schools. I have even heard that some after school programs could use some oversight...people in the educational field used to go into it because they felt a need to foster learning and opportunities for young people. There is a reason we pay taxes and fees to support schools, and that reason is NOT to hand over funds to greedy administrators and their best buddies. We all want Truth In Lending Laws. We should also have Truth in Public Spending Laws. (We have heard many times that Mello-Roos fees have been badly exploited by Sweetwater. Apparently there is an effort to clean up 27 years of files, but how could things be so out of control for 27 years? Because of back-scratching, complicity and "understandings". What would it look like if every student who did not get what they should have from their "educational dollar" at Sweetwater would show up and ask why? What about all of us parents and taxpayers who were so understanding through all the years of budget cuts--meanwhile, are students were not getting the benefit of the money we were paying into Mello-Roos. Isn't it wonderful. I would like to have a full explanation from Sweetwater on this. Somehow I am pretty sure that Ed Brand and Dianne Russo would be mentioned, along with a few names who are still employed by the district.) And now we see that Chula Vista Elementary School District appears to be boarding that runaway train. Let us hope that the three new CVESD board members can contain and control those who would like to run that school district like a private fund-raising entity, benefitting persons unknown. We have seen this pattern, and it does not bode well.
— February 23, 2015 12:04 p.m.

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