Comments by eastlaker

Lost the election, won the plum

Susan and anniej, isn't it amazing that we need to be ever vigilant here in the South Bay, as apparently we are seen as easy targets for so many schemers. But I think the fact that we are catching on will work in our favor. Just as Sweetwater needs to start playing by the rules, so does the city of Chula Vista--Chula Vista needs to start maintaining a city plan that means something, a city plan that actually reflects what the people who live here want in their home town. Not what developers want to extract from it. And, as light dawns on us, we see that cooperative politicians are rewarded by sweet positions that may only require allowing developers to do just what they please. We will need to watch what the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority is doing, or not doing. Again I say, amazing. The salt plant never really looked like much--so what sort of development would they have in mind. They would have to substantially alter that area of the bay front to be able to build much of anything, right? I have heard that there is supposed to be a large hotel going in on the southern-most part of Imperial Beach (where the condemned apartment buildings now are) and supposedly there is a plan to replace the trailer park that sits just north of 75 on the bay with condos. That and the proposed expansion of Navy facilities would seem to make IB quite the happening spot. The sharks must be smelling blood in the water. I hope all the citizens of IB and the southern reaches of San Diego will wake up so that what will be built will benefit the larger communities and the people who live there--and not just be a few more fast bucks for those who really know how to work corporate welfare for their benefit.
— December 10, 2014 9:06 a.m.

It would have been prudent...

Well, now I have a little more information, courtesy of http://judgepedia.org/Ana_L._Espana#Education She was appointed by Gov. Schwartzenegger, reelected and her current stint is over in 2017. Undergrad & law school at USD. You would think they would have told her that the Ed Code exists!! Kinda sorta looks odd to me.
— December 9, 2014 4:47 p.m.

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