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Fired — and not liking it at all

The turmoil in that district was an ongoing scandal for years. Anderson was hired after a change in board membership resulted in a mass firing of top-level administrators, most of whom sued and won awards. The whole series of hirings and firings was shrouded in secrecy and payoffs. That Tri-City board was noted for its feuds and inability to function properly for at least twenty years. It went through about two changes of membership, each a "reform" to the previous one, and yet the dysfunctional behavior continued until it became a local disgrace. (I could go into details here, but there's a 3000 word limit to comments, and the details could fill a big book.) Anderson's termination was just the most recent episode in a long-running saga of No County's "General Hospital". There is now some hope that the board will actually get back to running a hospital. There are some apparently-responsible members of the board with track records of successful public service. But wait, the big controversy now is whether Tri-City should sell out/affiliate with some big medical operation such as Sharp or Scripps or . . . I have no particular opinion of Anderson; he was just another one of those grossly overpaid hospital execs to me. But I'd really like to see him and his fellow-travelers depart No County, shut up, and let the hospital be run for the benefit of local residents, such as myself, and be a place in which we can have some confidence.
— March 30, 2015 10:04 p.m.

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