Gun mogul's cash targeted Gaspar for assault weapons vote

The technicalities of what constitutes an assault weapon are still undefined. One man's self-defense firearm is another person's assault rifle. Even the vaunted federal gubmint found the definition of assault rifle impossible to determine. The result was that certain "mean, black, pistol-grip equipped, and capable of accepting 20-round magazines" rifles were called assault rifles. At the same time other rifles with identical capabilities were not so called. Why? the others were of a more classical appearance, minus the pistol grip, and thus were presumably less threatening. But I repeat, they had the same capabilities for semi-automatic fire. Automatic fire means that the weapon fires steadily without any trigger pulls or other intervention until its ammunition is gone. Such weapons are generally illegal and subject to seizure within the US. Semi-automatic weapons are similar, but require the trigger to be pulled for each round fired. Generally they are legal within the US. So what? To have any informed discussion or reporting of firearms, we need to all be on the same page definitionally. Personally, I don't like Dave Roberts. That shiny-tooth, eager beaver look just tires, and his record of hiring and managing staff puts him in the professional politician category. Much of what we complain about in politics comes from electing and reelecting professional pols. He showed his colors in that staff imbroglio, and now it is time for him to find a line of work for which he is better suited.
— June 14, 2016 8:20 p.m.

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