Four hours to find the shutoff valve?!

The city of San Diego isn't atypical of other cities and water districts in the county, it is just so big and so inept that its failures stick out. There's no excuse for incidents like this one, and the slobberin' city just keeps stumbling along. Right now, the bug bear is water waste, but in other times it was other things. Nearly every time enforcement or response was examined, the city looked bad. In my local water district for many years there was one staffer assigned to waste prevention and enforcement. It came across as an office job, not a field job! That meant, of course, that he/she didn't go out and drive or walk the district to look for consistent waste of water. If a complaint were phoned in, sometimes a visit to the offender would be made. I doubt a fine was ever levied, even in the case of the worst offenses. HOA-maintained plantings have been consistently over-watered during the decades I've lived in the area. There's talk about how the water district trains landscape planters and maintainers in how to avoid waste, and gradually the amount of water running down gutters has diminished. But the plantings still get far more water than is necessary, and so the shrubs grow wildly, and then have to be trimmed monthly. It's all a huge waste of funds, water and effort to keep some of the areas looking as of they are in Monterey or in Connecticut. For pity's sake, this is an arid place, or a desert if you prefer! Ridiculous doesn't describe the situation.
— May 23, 2015 8:54 a.m.

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