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Transparent as mud in Chula Vista

Doesn't this all remind you of the governance of Sweetwater during the Gandara and Brand times? The board goes ahead and does just what it pleases. This time it is because the earlier board made commitments that now cannot be escaped, or so the story goes. eastlaker, I think you may be onto something with your suspicion that this was set up, in part, as a private little school for the chosen few. And as long as it stayed under the radar, they might have pulled it off. But now, with a new CVESD board, it doesn't have to stay that way. If the school is doing what has been alleged, it has been violating the law, and the charter could be cancelled for that reason alone. Either of the things you mentioned about selecting students is NOT anything a charter school is legally permitted to do. If there was ever a time for scrutiny by the COE, the DA, or the state superintendent, now would be it. Those allegations of admitting favorites need to be thoroughly investigated and now, not a year or two down the road. When Superintendent Escobedo "emphasized that the charter-high students are well behaved", that struck my funny bone. Every supe and every principal will make the claim that the students are well behaved. Usually that's true, but when the claim breaks down is when things get difficult. Teenagers, and this school's students are teenagers, behave as teenagers do. Mostly that's good, but often they do certain things that are not good, even the best of them. Raging hormones can bring out the worst in kids that age, things that are impossible to stop. So, if you are around a high school, you'll see plenty of kissy-face and physical displays of affection. Then there's the language that is used by very, very many teens, and it's not the sort of thing you want first graders to hear.
— March 2, 2015 4:26 p.m.

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