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Only a fence between them

eastlaker, when you said "None of this makes sense", you said it all. Indeed, why is a K-6 district even considering chartering a high school? Even though most charters are allowed to run freely, unsupervised by their chartering districts, the laws of the state "require" oversight by the district. How does a K-6 district know how to provide that scrutiny of an independently-operating high school? Answer: it doesn't. But this presentation comes across as utterly half-baked. A simple question about the relevant square footage could not be answered. Can we say "unprepared", boys and girls? Then there were the profuse apologies for the failure to communicate and solicit opinions from the concerned members of the community. Unprepared again. With all the shortcomings of what went on, the board was absolutely correct to delay a decision. In fact, the appropriate step would have been for the board to tell these clowns to go back to the beginning, and start over. As to whom can attend the proposed school, it would use a lottery only if it had more students wanting to attend that it could accommodate. There's no solid reason to think that it would be oversubscribed. A charter is NOT permitted to "select [its} own students." Part of the charter concept in California is that charters cannot turn anyone away if it has space. And if it is full or oversubscribed, must have a blind lottery. That is not to say that charters are not breaking the law daily by manipulating the composition of their student bodies. Here in No County we have some that are enabling white flight out of the regular public schools, and their chicanery is going unchallenged, for now.
— February 21, 2015 10:28 a.m.

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