Jacumba really is out here

Jacumba, excuse me, Jacumba Hot Springs, has been slumbering for as long as I've lived in the county, and that's a long time, bro'. For a number of years it was not a spot that anyone would have sought out, due to the gnat problem. If that is now history, then other folks might decide it is worth a look. Many years ago there was a claim floated by some locals that there had once been an official border crossing there. They said that it was still possible to see the buildings on either side of the line that had been the border guard stations. Yet at the same time, the feds denied that such a thing had ever existed. (As it was, due to the proximity to the highways in both sides of the border, it would have been a natural spot.) Who was right? I don't claim to know, but we can observe that the government in the form of the customs, immigration and Border Patrol, wasn't always careful to be fully factual. Not mentioned much is the former railroad depot building. It was and still is an architecturally-pleasing structure. After the San Diego & Arizona Eastern Ry stopped running passenger trains in the early 50's, it was converted into a private residence. In 1989, the railroad museum ran a special excursion train from Campo to Jacumba called "Jacumba or Bust". We de-trained at the depot where we were treated to a BBQ lunch, and various local folks set up booths. The grounds around the depot were open then. More recently, within the past year, I did some recon to see the (lack of) progress on the reopening of the railroad, and noted that the depot was fenced off, festooned with No Trespassing signs, and that the fenced area hosted some locomotives and rolling stock apparently left by the Carrizo Railway about a decade ago. The whole area looked abandoned, weathered and bereft. If/when the railroad actually reopens for through traffic, it might bring some activity to Jacumba Hot Springs. But don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen.
— November 22, 2016 8:31 a.m.

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