Torrey Pines Road pothole problems never stopped

While I don't hold up my home city as a paragon of virtue, I have noted for many years that when our local water provider, VID, digs up a street it soon has a contract paver show up and repair the damage. Until the recent slurry seal-coating, I had two such repairs right in front of my house. They were flawless! Drive over them, and you would notice no bump at all. In recent years my street has had a dozen or more such repairs made, and all were as good as the original surface. My point is that repairs can be done in a manner that results in a permanent fix. Does the city of SD have that capability? I'd have to say no, based on observations I've made personally, going back as far as three decades. Their "repairs" are weak, incomplete, and short-lived. Could they do better? Certainly they could. Just look at the work done by some contract providers in a city where such shortfalls would result in hell-to-pay. Kev-boy made street repairs a big part of his campaign and his inauguration. And then, what happened? Nothing that I can see. The streets in the city of SD are a disgrace, and they just get worse. To just stop the deterioration and get even would require something that the city cannot muster. To correct the backlog is far too daunting for anyone to seriously attempt. Oh, Kev-boy keeps making proposals, but far into his term, nothing has changed. Drive in the city at your risk, or just stay away--which is what I do as much as possible.
— April 21, 2016 8:45 p.m.

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