Wrecking crew

"bad" debt is what I meant to type.
— February 16, 2017 6:57 a.m.

SDSU’s fleeing faculty

First, there is a disconnect between the headline and the story. Nowhere in the narrative is there mention of faculty resignations and turnover, as in "fleeing faculty." It would appear that the school is just not filling needs by hiring full-time faculty members. The cause, as identified by the author, is hiring many costly administrators and neglecting to rebuild the faculty, after sharp cutbacks during the economic crisis. Second, the notion that this nascent "research university" in the CSU system can be planning to reinvent itself while having a scandalously high student-to-faculty ratio is just amazing. Unless I'm very mistaken the operation was bragging of something like a 17:1 ratio in 1970, when it was just a "mere" state college. Oh, but now they can put instructors in front of the classes by using ever-larger numbers of graduate students. This is the same as replacing full-time employees with temps. And those graduate students are only temporary; they are churned and burned rapidly. Third, I have been continually taken aback by the popularity of SDSU with applicants from across the state, nation and world. The campus is notorious, and has been going back to the 60's, for not havng enough seats in popular classes for all those desiring to attend. For a long time, starting in the 60's and continuing at least into the 90's, business classes were in high demand, and many students spent years enrolled there, waiting for a spot to open up in a needed class. For many, many years the attitude in the admin building was that it was "no problemo", in that if students could not find space in classes they wanted or needed, well, they would take something else! Oh, that was the stated policy when crusty old Tom Day was campus president. Just who was he? Adam Day, mentioned in the story, is his son. How did Adam end up on the board of trustees? I can't say for sure, but money and influence had something to do with it.
— February 15, 2017 8:33 p.m.

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