But what are we manufacturing?

— July 1, 2015 12:37 p.m.

Pro golfer problems

There were some studies done in Israel that showed some interesting data. One placed Petri dishes radiating out from a trickling filter at a wastewater treatment plant. I showed much, much higher concentrations of bacteria and viruses downwind. Another was an epidemiological study of kibbutzim in the vicinity of alfalfa fields. Those downwind of the irrigation sprinklers showed much, much higher incidences of diseases associated with pathogens found in sewage. No data on the livestock fed the hay, unfortunately. When I brought this to the attention of the Water Utilities Department engineers, they flipped it off, saying that every sewage vent in every building spews out the same stuff. They were wrong, of course, because the ultragiant aerosols need something like a trickling filter or a sprinkler of some kind to be produced. Of course, I also tried to get the Public Health folks at SDSU interested in the issue of "leaf" blowers being used for dust blowers, and was summarily rejected. The bottom line is THE BOTTOM LINE. If there ain't big money in a solution, it will be rejected--and, if it proposes SAVING money or resources, it will be savaged by the agency(ies) involved. My name is mud everywhere I have shot off my mouth; I guess I'm lucky that, so far, they haven't shot back. Of course the first weapon of choice is to ignore the SOB. Then you slander her/him with a whisper campaign. I'm not alone. Almost everyone who speaks the truth and knows what they are talking about is similarly ignored--this is a BASIC PRINCIPLE that has become increasingly imbedded in agencies and government, nay, corporations and even small businesses. If you want to keep your job, zip it up (except the one in your rear). If you want another job, zip it up. If you want to climb to the top, infuse yourself with sufficient gas to float. Best, Twister
— July 1, 2015 12:33 p.m.

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