This county is lousy for the disabled

" Don Bauder Oct. 3, 2015 @ 2:53 p.m. Twister: You mean you think there is no sensible gun control? Explain, please. Best, Don Bauder" There is, but it is taboo. The "discussion" is always polarized, "idiologized," politicized, and politically corrected. A calm, objective look at the relevant facts and relevant factors are prohibited. At Charlie Ebdo, for example, if the guy shooting the video from his window had had a rifle, the Muslim cop might still be alive. If the guards at the office had had some simple barriers for protection and had been permitted, nay, trained to "profile," nobody but the attackers might have been killed. If well-trained people at schools had weapons available (in safes, where all guns belong), lots of kids, other students, and teachers might still be alive. What if the well-trained hero of Roseburg had had a weapon? Would he have taken 7 bullets to his body? Around 10,000,000 households in the USA have guns, most locked up in safes. I don't know how many guns that amounts to, but I know a couple of guys who have tens of guns in their collections, most of which have never been fired. Where are the statistics on the percentage of legal guns that have been used for murder? "We" can't talk about that. But let's say that there are only 100,000,000 guns in the country to confiscate. Sending back a million or so illegal immigrants would seem a picnic by comparison. Yeah, it's a conundrum. The more gun violence, the more people need guns to protect themselves. Police are rarely on the spot and able to take action when a crime occurs; they mostly wipe up the mess and chase down the bad guy. But the bad guy's victims are still dead. Just like no matter how much "defensible space" you have around your house, it can (and probably will) burn when a wildfire swoops down on it, throwing uncounted incendiary devices before it. The trouble with logic is that if it doesn't comport with one's biases, it will be rejected out-of-hand, and the discussion will fall back on emotion and prejudice. Tw
— October 3, 2015 6:53 p.m.

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