In fact, there's not a doctor in the house

I have been vacillating about vaccinations. With all doo-doo respect to the Kaiser Nut-House on Pt. Loma, I have always left there more depressed than when I went in. The last time I was there the shrink showed up in unmistakable religious garb. It was a waste of a 30-buck copay. As I am areligious, I do not want to be "treated" by people who "believe" rather than think. At first I thought this is wrong, but after careful consideration, I believe that all shrinks and doctors should wear visible IDs revealing their religious or intellectual affiliations--in other words, not hiding anything. They know my "religious" affiliation; why shouldn't I know theirs? The Kaiser ER has saved my old butt several times, but I have been screwed up and screwed by, every other hospital I have had the misfortune to end up in. Alex is probably more right than wrong, but in today's medical system, you had better have a relative, friend, or paid knee-breaker (an new profession in these days of shrinking jobs?) to look out for your best interests. Kaiser "family physicians" tend to be over-ridden by management to the point of neglecting patients and using pattern-recognition as a diagnostic "tool" rather than analysis. And rolling pills, then rolling them back--little consistency in matters of drugs in particular, when there could be. Non-answers and evasive answers to straight questions is a problem. The MDs don't have enough time to get to know their patients, and over-rely on computer information. How are they supposed to keep up? Find me an answer to these questions and I might re-consider signing up with the VA--at least they are more involved in research. We just had a friend with cancer released from the most prominent local cancer treatment center today. So narrow are the specialists they seem to have forgotten their grasp (if they ever had any) of the whole organism and how things like nutrition are crucial in a functioning immune system (among others) and let this patient get behind the power curve, which may turn out to be a death sentence. Maybe she would have been off at Kaiser?
— July 5, 2015 8:07 p.m.

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