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Aguirre: "Put essentials first and wants second."

This is an improvement, but Aguirre needs to polish his communication skills, and do it quickly. He may have a tough time stomaching it, but he has to do and say things that will draw media attention--and LOTS OF IT! ". . . water, infrastructure, electricity improvements" are not enough--the rabble want bread and circuses. And, he's going to need a lot of volunteers to get out the vote. He needs to look at demographics closely, and get some GENERAL poll questions out there to show that he is in favor of what everybody is in favor of--keeping government out of our lives, our bedrooms, our pocketbooks. In short, he (or, preferably, his friends) needs to hit the streets. He needs some students and some old people. I've got a broadcast-quality (but non-HD, but large CCD) video camera if someone wants to use it. Actually, high-quality audio audio is more important than picture-quality, and this takes the right kind of microphones and knowing how to use them--I have that stuff too. If the "footage" is exciting enough, the media will use it. "If it bleeds, it leads," is the news-desk dictum. He needs to get out in the field to show what he will do. Slogan: OPEN UP CITY HALL--VOTE AGUIRRE! YOU'RE TOP PRIORITY--NOT THE DOWNTOWN FAT CATS! A Mayor that HEARS YOU--AGUIRRE! Your readers can no doubt do better than this, but they need to get moving now! Of course he needs a website--a very well engineered and designed one. He can post his own footage on there, and he can play the underdog label for all it's worth. This is just a start. But there's no time for perfection, just avoiding mistakes. I'm gonna be out of commission in October--maybe longer
— September 4, 2013 4:12 p.m.

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