This county is lousy for the disabled

The issue before us is how to make innocent people, especially children, safer from the predations of others without restricting the freedoms of the innocent. If we are going to logically examine all the relevant aspects of this subject, we will need facts that bear upon the question. We certainly should not cherry-pick our facts, and we should address all of the relevant comments, including speculations (judgment presumed to be restricted until facts become available). Once we have committed ourselves to such a discussion, we should not quit when the going gets rough (e.g., when our biases are not holding up). “Straw-man” arguments and other fallacies, digressions, and diversionary tactics should not be used. Replies should be honestly responsive and to the point. Conduct should be of the mature kind rather than the kind of play-pen political manipulation that is commonly practiced by politicians and pundits. The case at hand is, shall we say, school and workplace and other “soft target” shootings? The all-too-typical scenario takes place in a place that is easily “penetrated” where the potential victims will be particularly vulnerable. Shall we begin by listing as many relevant facts and factors as we can think of at the moment, with each participant adding and editing at will, with the consent of the ungoverned? I’ll throw out a few, just to get the ball rolling. 1. Make soft targets more difficult or as impossible as possible to penetrate. 2. Have guards. 3. Enact “common-sense” gun laws. 4. Expand gun-free zones. 5. Have everybody “open-carry” who wants to. 6. Train on-site people in weapons tactics and have professional law-enforcement people design site facilities and procedures. 7. Lock up everyone who fits the profile of a nutcase. Once we have a fairly complete list, shall we then proceed to discuss the pros and cons of each until we have reached some kind of consensus? Shall we file a majority report and include minority reports? Respectfully submitted, Tw
— October 5, 2015 5:36 p.m.

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