Animal rights activists arrested for terrorizing fur farms

Oy vey! Now you're getting "dangerously" close to the bottom of issue where angels fear to tread. Artificially inseminated sows in cages so tight they can't even turn around--even worse torture than the minks? Cattle standing on mountains of their own dung in feed lots. (Please go here for a most entertaining piece from 1960: California's farms and wildlands are being decimated by wild pigs. They are free, as are non-indigenous turkeys that are doing much the same thing to wildlands. They are considered "game" by the state, which makes it impossible for an ordinary person to feed her or his family on these aliens. Open season on them. Go out and make clean kills and responsibly clean up and use every part of the animal.
— August 1, 2015 3:41 p.m.

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