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Marine says ranger roughed him up

Don, your commentators usually make excellent comments and usually inform themselves before they shoot their mouths off. A few of them did comment here, but the fundamentals have still not been clearly expressed. 1. Medical records must be subpoenaed. No one, ESPECIALLY a "law-enforcement officer," has a right to know anything about anyone's medical record, PERIOD. Every person, handicapped or not, is not required to provide anyone, ESPECIALLY a sworn officer, with ANY medical information. 2. There was no violation. The "ranger," IF she was a sworn officer, has a right to see the handicapped person's identification and paper permit and check it against the number on the card or plate, and run the plate or placard, provided she or he has reasonable cause to do so. PERIOD. 3. Anyone transporting a person with a valid handicapped permit which is prominently displayed may park legally in a handicapped parking spot. It appears that the officer did the provoking, not the vet, and did so simply because she didn't understand the obligations she has to follow the law, not her emotions and opinions when she is using that badge. As far as the vet's reaction, he had a right to be outraged. Walk a few feet in his shoes. I'll trade my bad foot for any of you self-styled soothsayers who claim (without any factual foundation--show me) that those with handicapped placards/plates are faking it--provided the foot will allow me to back-pack again. Furthermore, there are lots of young people with debilitating diseases that don’t “show” (e.g., rheumatoid arthritis) who walk with great pain, and older people with and without handicapped permits who should be given the benefit of the doubt. We handicapped people do everything we can to do everything we can. It feels good to walk, almost normally, a few feet or a block even though we know we will pay a great penalty in pain, or even run the risk of a deadly fall. “Catch” us in one of those moments, and you might conclude that we don’t deserve a handicapped placard/plate or that we’re faking it. But these same people, to be able to go much farther, will need various combinations of canes, walkers, chairs, crutches, or other aids to our condition (some of which are hidden as much as we can (e.g. braces, internal pins and other hardware) after walking “normally” for a short distance. I look forward to your corrections. I especially look forward to your donations of a good foot so I can hike over Kearsarge Pass and backpack around Europe again. I thank those few who made some of the points I have repeated here. Harassment of the handicapped by police and other self-righteous hypocrites is something we have to live with, but it angers us.
— December 17, 2014 2:47 p.m.

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