Convention centers lose bundles of money

Many supporters of the hotel tax claim "it's coming from out of town visitors...." As if San Diego is not gouging its own. I find this to be a flawed argument. There are many locals who "staycation," family members, servicemen and others that come to San Diego and will be subject to those taxes. People visiting here for to visit family in the hospital, a funeral, a wedding are "family" that get gouged by those "taxes that are only on out-of-towners." Local companies that hold conferences here and bring employees from out of town get gouged. Is that making San Diego friendly for local business? An increased tax will make a difference to event planners and families planning a vacation. Event planners can go to Anaheim, L.A. or Vegas. Families can get a better entertainment value by staying in L.A. and taking in DisneyLand and all the other entertainment giant parks. If a convadium catastrophe is foisted on the uninformed voters, it could be the loss of Comic Con and other local and tourist visits. We are not the only city in Southern California with a zoo and beaches. I truthfully feel that Comic Con is more valuable to the economy than the Chargers. The quietness of Comic Con leaders on the convadium is curious. San Diego has transformed into an expensive place to live with a lot of low-wage jobs. I feel we should take a page from Hawaii and copy their "Kamaʻāina" system where locals (residents) get a discount on most products and services. Just like Balboa Park has free Tuesday's for residents, a program to help locals that would mitigate some of the gouging of "our own" locals would be instantly popular. In the meantime, our leaders are finding ways to hide our problems like homelessness, by pouring rocks under bridges.
— April 27, 2016 7:48 p.m.

Hey, Bernie: Hillary has diddled with Wall Street

"It's 'Possible' Hillary Clinton Could Be Better President than GOP Pick, Charles Koch Says" It's a nightmare scenario for Republicans, but conservative billionaire Charles Koch says "it's possible" Hillary Clinton could make a better president than the remaining candidates in the GOP primary. Koch, one of the most influential and controversial forces in Republican politics, said in an exclusive interview with ABC News to air Sunday on "This Week" that he believed Bill Clinton was a better president "in some ways" than George W. Bush. "In other ways, I mean [Clinton] wasn't an exemplar. But as far as the growth of government, the increase in spending," Koch said. "It was 2.5 times [more] under Bush than it was under Clinton." ================================================== What strange times we now live in. A Koch saying nice things about the Clinton's. Perhaps, because his own party has become so impossibly divided and hateful? Clinton's are big money politicians too. They support the lopsided free trade agreements that have fast-tracked the demise of the American middle-class and have permitted large corporations to abuse the H-1B and other "front of the line" immigration scams to proliferate. Neither party has a plan to resuscitate the middle-class. Both parties are beholden to Wall Street and favors to those that put up the money to get them elected. Citizens United has just made matters worse because the politicians don't have to bother with the small contributors, unions, or grass roots.... because they are all bought and paid for by a mix of corporations seeking favors once they get their puppet in office. Are Americans the frogs in boiling water or are we going to someday see a revolution, not an occupy the park spectacle, but an uprising that is going to take on the establishment and challenge to government to change or pay for it with blood in the streets. The signs are things are breaking down; more suicides, more mass shootings, more hate and discontent (i.e. Donald Trump popularity). The police state in America may make the 1% and the public servants feel safe, but Americans have too many guns. Something to think about.
— April 23, 2016 9:07 p.m.

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