Kensington bicyclist ticketed for not stopping at Meade and 39th

That seems to be the norm everywhere. In my community the cars routinely run stop signs. I've come to a crossing, stop and another vehicles will come racing up, tap his brakes... look at me and hit the gas... with his inertia will help propel him past me, the person with the right-of-way. Speeding, blocking lanes, using disabled parking spaces without a placard, rolling stop signs, not signaling (and sometimes wondering why you got in an "accident").... all seem to be a modern problem. Does the DMV require any kind of school certificate? Or can you get a license if your last vehicle was a beast of burden? When I went to high school I spent a *semester* in "driver training." We studied the vehicles code. Me memorized the signs, symbols, curb colors and distances. He saw the tragedies of drunk driving on videos. We used a simulator in a trailer. Then we went out in a real car with a driving instructor. We carefully obeyed all the speed limits and traffic controls. After *months* of that we could qualify for a "learners permit." But that training is not statewide anymore, and it is private training that people have to pay for out of their pocket. So our DMV and Vehicle Code is outdated and outmoded because it reflects an era of anticipated training that no longer exists. Now, like in any third-world country, our DMV will get you a license, no matter what language you speak or understand, as long as you can get through a couple minute test. The test you prepared for doing donuts at the Salton Sea.
— March 27, 2017 10:21 p.m.

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