San Diego taxpayers to be Chargers laughingstock?

Why do we build stadiums? Because we always have. That argument, "because we always have..." reminds me of a story I tell to my clients. There is a dinner party, the hostess has cut the ends off the roast. One of the guests asks "why did you cut the ends off the roast?" The hostess said "That's the way I've always done it, my mother did it." The guest asked "Why did your mother do it?" The hostess replied "Because that's how her mother did it, my grandmother." So after a few glasses of wine, the guest said... "You know, I'm really curious wy your grandmother cut the ends off the roast..." So the hostess said, "Well granny is 93, but it might be fun to call her and ask...." She did. Granny answered. Granddaughter asked why she cut the ends off the roast. Granny laughed and said "Well in those days the oven was so small, you had to cut the ends off the roast to make it fit in the oven!" Times change. Things change. Realities are different. Football franchises expecting the present to be like the 50's and 60' is unrealistic. The NFL would like people to behave like they did 50 years ago and build their palaces. But this is not Rome or Greece when great structures were built by the public. This is not the U.S. when we were flush with cash to support sports palaces. It's time to inform Spanos that if he wants to stay in San Diego, he needs to foot the bill. The entire bill for every penny that is needed to keep his entertainers on a field. It's his business, so it's his responsibility to rent or buy the stage for his show.
— August 18, 2016 8:43 p.m.

San Diego taxpayers to be Chargers laughingstock?

A footnote. Hollywood does not ask the public to finance their movie studios and movie sets. Hollywood and the music industry serve far more people, 24/7/365, than any sports franchise. Hollywood producers risk a great deal of money to bring their entertainment to the masses. On a regular basis they collectively spend billions of dollars developing and deploying stories and music for public consumption. Never asking for a dime in taxpayer money. (Sometimes they enjoy some tax credit and other considerations, but never on the platitudes of the NFL). Sports are entertainment. People pay extra on their cable contracts to view this entertainment, just like they pay for HBO, Showtime, et al. Why on earth do the sports franchises think they are any different than the Hollywood establishment? I don't know much about some of the other less viewed sports, but does the World Wrestling Federation, NASCAR or others ask to have their venues paid for by tax payers? The problem these days is there are so many entertainment options that having football fans pushing to have all taxpayers support a stadium is very unfair. Most people, if you polled them, could give a s*** about football. And especially give a s*** about a franchise that has NEVER won a championship. The Chargers SUCK. Do not support them. It's like a one-star review and then they still think we should support them for mismanagement, bad (sometimes drug addled players), cut to late, don't recruit stars, it's like nobody is in the wheelhouse. Just Spanos. The biggest NFL loser of all time. Time for him to sell.
— August 18, 2016 8:06 p.m.

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