Giant, ugly storage facility okayed

Wabbitsd, I operated a computer business near La Mesa Transfer on Center Drive for a decade. I know that area of La Mesa better than most people know their birthmarks. That “church” in the shopping center across from where Handyman (now Dixieline) is was once called Akron. I used to eat at Mario’s Mexican restaurant before they moved to "the village” in La Mesa. When I worked at my office late at night the La Mesa Police would drop in for coffee. The subject building used to have a pool supply retailer in it. The building across the street used to sell sofas and custom furniture, it is now Caliber Collision. On top of all that I dated the daughter of Art Madrid. So I know La Mesa. I know La Mesa and I know that area in particular because I ran a business a block away. I often go to La Mesa now to shop But I think the city leaders neglect what is important to people. Quality of life issues that need to be addressed. Traffic. Congestion. Trolley crime. Too many “projects” like the never ending construction in downtown La Mesa that is making the place look generic and putting small businesses under. The Spring Street congestion is insane. So I (never do any business around there anymore. All I want to do is get the hell out of La Mesa when I am driving on Spring Street. The city council needs to open their eyes and fix the little things that are driving people crazy and driving them out of the once quaint downtown. It is a major problem that people use Spring Street to travel from I-8 to I-94 because Caltrans was too cheap to build a fly-over that would allow people to go from I-125 to I-94 so they are cutting through La Mesa. The City leaders are myopic and insensitive to the problems the everyday people face in their city.
— November 4, 2015 7:39 a.m.

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