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R.I.P. Andrew Kay

And Bill Gates agreed to furnish IBM with an operating system, even though he did not have one to sell. He went out and bought QDOS (Quick&Dirty OS) and then resold it to IBM. Since Bill Gates was already a silver spooned kid from a lawyer and socialite family, his deception was digested by a division of IBM (the Boca Raton project) that did not have faith in the emerging PC market and considered it a hobbyist fad. But software like Lotus 1-2-3 made the sales of IBM and it's hundreds of clones skyrocket. Throw in some mischievous coding by Microsoft to make competitors products slower and bug prone (on their OS) and Microsoft became the leading company furnishing software. Bill Gates kinda threw IBM under the bus by licensing the MS-DOS to everyone else. The people at IBM did not anticipate this result. As I have always said, there is a crime behind every fortune. In contrast, Steve Jobs was a bright marketer and pushed the innovation of Steve Wozniak getting investors like Mark Markula (from Intel, no less to see a Motorola 6502 chip used in Apple II's). Steve pushed from a marketing and distribution (Apple Seed, was an early give-away program to schools to get school teachers hooked on Apple.. why Apple's rule in the education market... Steve Job's early vision for the future). Bill Gates used brute force "I buy it or I steal it" when is came to advancing his companies technology. I was an Apple Computer dealer at age 22, opening several computer stores in San Diego. One company, NLS bought some equipment from me and then was 90 days late on the bill. One day a salesman walked in and tried to sign me up as a dealer for the KayComp II from NLS. I said, hey! NLS owes me about $5,000.... years later I was working for Andrew Kay at KayPro.
— September 5, 2014 9:13 p.m.

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