Massive layoffs rumored for Qualcomm

ImJustABill, I agree with you about the lack of mainstream attention. There's a shock and amazement, and then the story dies. Since I have seen this going on since 1989, it makes me wonder where the leadership has been that would make the "shortage" less of a problem. If we knew we had a shortage, why in over 25 years have we not been able to fix the problem with enrolling more people in STEM? Well, because we really don't need that many engineers and programmers. It just looks like a bunch of unfilled openings because of the shell game the big corporations HR departments play. There are always hundreds of positions advertised, but nobody fills them. This is to create an illusion of a shortage so they can then claim they can't find anyone qualified and then get certification for an H-1B. If there were no qualified candidates for a particular job, why do most technical positions get hundreds and sometimes as many as one thousand applications/resumes? Are there no qualified people in that stack of applications? Programmers and engineers are not very successful at organizing their labor so there is little power to fight the H-1B scam. Like you said, the only time someone complains is when *their* job is affected. Then we have the double-whammy of pushing our children to get an education in engineering, but they look at the stagnant wages and the assumption that the field is being dominated by foreigners and they opt out of the hard study for a job that may be outsourced or where they may train their replacement. That of course is if they can even get accepted to a university that is already making them compete with the flood of foreign students. This is not America anymore.
— July 23, 2015 6:41 p.m.

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