Refugee crisis in Tijuana

Some proponents of out-of-control immigration cite the Statue of Liberty and that "immigrants built this nation..." Well times have changed since millions of migrants came through Ellis Island. Back then, America needed labor to grow its economy. Unskilled labor was needed for operating factory machines and other low-skilled jobs. Today, America does not need unskilled labor. Particularly unskilled labor that can't even read in their native language and have high birth rates. America outsources to low-wage countries, we automate what we can here. Being flooded with unskilled, uneducated, illiterate, third-world migrants damages our economy because it stresses the welfare state that was created for citizens, not for refugees. Churches, non-profits (that actually profit for every nose they can bring into the country) don't continue their support. They unload them onto our social safety net. This reduces the amount of services that veterans, disabled citizens, homeless and other can use because it is being diverted to people who have no history of employment or service in the United States. We have to turn our back of THEM because for everyone of them that we accept, we are turning our backs on one of our OWN. Mexico needs to protect *their* borders because the time is coming when the U.S. is not going to accept this flood of undesirables come hell or high water. It's Trump this election cycle, but if he doesn't win, mark my words there will be people to fill his shoes to stop this insanity once and for all. Even if it means a bloody revolt.
— October 6, 2016 8:17 p.m.

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