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Aw, man, you got ginkgo biloba'ed?

After leaving the aerospace field, I worked for Costco for 5 years. I originally worked for the Price Company but relocated to the Northwest when Costco acquired Price Club. I lived in the city of Kirkland (the namesake of Kirkland Signatures), which is where the first Costco headquarters was located before they moved to Issaquah. Presently 20% of the products that Costco sells are private label, with Kirkland Signatures being the leading house-brand. I worked with buyers and with the people that performed quality control on Costco products – before and after – they were packaged for sale. Costco goes to great lengths to test products and make sure they are of the highest quality and standards. I believe that Costco is one of the most ethical companies in the world. Anyone who takes supplements, particularly herbal supplements, is taking a leap of faith that there will be any noticeable or beneficial results. Costco is selling what people are asking for, inexpensive supplements. Costco sources them from legitimate third-parties that also package for dozens of other companies. Costco didn’t invent Ginkgo Biloba. They just jumped on the bandwagon of popular supplements, like Green Coffee Beans and C10Q that have mixed reviews in the medical and alternative health communities. This lawsuit is a money grab aimed at a big target with deep pockets. If the plaintiff really needs something that “supports alertness and memory” I suggest she try the products of another outstanding Northwest company… Starbucks coffee.
— April 6, 2015 11:12 a.m.

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