Fake Twitter account prompts lawsuit

Over a quarter of a million dollars in student loan debt. Over $15,000 in consumer loan debt including Victoria's Secret, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. This girl likes to shop! Did her family raise an "entitled princess?" Good Lord, what is she 26, 28 and still never worked? She calls herself a "consultant" but who would hire this train wreck? And where is her client portfolio? She's lived on those student loans and credit cards and now the alligators are at her door. A lawsuit? Maybe she thinks Twitter will settle instead of crush her like the cockroach she is. And then there is a case in San Diego Superior Court filed on 9/10/2014. It is a Prevent Domestic Violence order filed by a male USD law student (and presently a practicing lawyer) against Tiffany. She must have a bad temper. Well she can try to brand herself and say "look at my big lawsuit!. She is an idiot. She has accumulted a $250,000 in debt in STUDENT LOANS - that I really don't imagine Twitter paying for. They have lawyers that will pulverize her and her Victoria's Secret wardrobe. Tiffany comes off as a very spoiled brat, self-absorbed, impulsive, (insert more adjectives here). I hope the judge pulls the curtains on this farce fast, and idiot millennials like this subject, grow up and stop thinking life is all about instagram and twitter. The world is looking at idiots like you Tiffany, and we can only laugh. There is ZERO pity. Go get a job flipping burgers where you belong, you airhead.
— April 22, 2017 10:10 p.m.

Engineers’ group bullish on H-1B reform

Yes Don, I worked for Costco for five years after the merger with Price Club. I originally was with Price Club headquarters on Morena Blvd. I was one of the employees that turned off the lights before moving to Seattle. I played racquetball with Jim a couple of times. He was a very accessible person and knew almost the whole corporate staff on a first name basis. For me, a native Southern Californian, the Seattle gloom was harsh. I left Costco and Seattle and returned to San Diego. As I get older the hot weather here is bothering. Now I enjoy when it rains in San Diego. Sometimes I regret that departure from Costco, only because it was and is one of the best companies to exist in these times. I was employed as a senior programmer/analyst in the MIS department. The co-workers that remained (after the merger) lament that Costco now engages with outsourcing firms that use Indian software services. So, the wholesomeness of Costco is being undermined by the same greed consuming American corporate culture. When you see a firm like Costco adopting this practice, you know that it is a competitive response to a wide-spread abuse by American companies exploiting visa and other staffing techniques. Costco would have been happy to keep promoting and training from within its ranks, but the overwhelming pressure from global outsourcing has paralyzed the domestic wages and stability of American technology workers has taken one of the last great patriot American firms into the trenches of outsourcing. While Trump builds walls and drops bombs. America, the mass of citizens that are not foreign, on visas or refugees, will rot.
— April 14, 2017 9:02 p.m.

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