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Standardized tests shunned by South Bay parents

I would like to add a devils advocate perspective. Please bear in mind I have 2 children, one in 7th and the other in 10th, and one that just graduated high school a semester early. I have been intimately involved in all 3 of my childrens education, from a classroom helper, to PTA, to School Site Council, district committees and volunteer activities. From kinder through high school. I also own a professional services business and have hired many young, high school graduates from our community and school district to work for me. Also, I am not for or against common core at this point. Like all of you, I am a concerned parent, community member and tax payer. Just my perspective ... Our education system is broken and is failing our children. Many are not prepared for college, much less have basic skills to get a decent job. Why is that? There are many theories, thoughts, and conspiracies as to why. My simple view is that our education system teaches kids in a box. Our education system as it is now was created in the 1930s or early 1940s. It is what made our Country the best, most advanced and powerful in world history. It was perfect for the era and times. As our society changed with advanced technology, more diversity, more complexity, more immediate needs, shorter attention spans, etc, etc., our education system, save a few minor adjustments, plugged along. Just about every other industry in our country changed to meet needs and demands, in order to survive. Again, education did not. Now with a world market, the weaknesses of our education system are clearly seen. We cannot compete with many other industrialzed countries in education. We have to import workers for many of our industries. Too many of our youth dont have the skills to compete for jobs that pay decent living wages. So, what are we to do? The status quo, which for the most part has failed? Or change? I am for change! Although education is not a for profit industry, its basic needs are no different than any other business or industry. That basic need is money! And in order for our education system to succeed, produce graduates that have basic skills, and be competitive in the world market, it must change! And it needs money to achieve the change. Our children will be tested to get into college, during college, for employment, for grad school, vocational school, professional designations, and throughout life. I feel bad that tests make kids nervous, harms their self esteem and makes them sick. But, life is full of tests to help them succeed. I am not an expert in education, so I dont know the answers. What I do know is that change is needed, money is needed, and testing is needed. The hows and whys can be left to experts to figure out.
— April 10, 2014 5:41 p.m.

School officials Gandara and Sandoval plead guilty The above is the link to Our Hometown Magazine. Page 23 is the ad being referenced. Look at page 26 also as Ed Brand has an op ed piece.
— April 9, 2014 3:16 p.m.