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iPads are great for porn and video games

Many of us parents lobbied Ed Brand and the Trustees against this. When I was the Bond Oversight Committee Chair, EdBrand called me and asked me to publicly support using bond money for this purchase. I refused. He then send me 4 legal opinions stating it was legal, and I still refused. Not only did I not believe bond money could or should be used, i knew the district was not prepared for this. They did not have the infrastructure nor a plan in place. Many of us knew that the Ipads, along with open boundaries, was Ed Brands response to Chula Vista Elementary Charters pulling students away from Sweetwater Middle Schools. Maty, Kathleen, Stuart, Wanda, Fran, Kevin and other parents, community members, and some teachers, lobbied hard against this. But as usual, Ed Brand would not listen, and as the board was in his back pocket, they acquiesced. I agree, this is a fiasco and the district needs to cut its losses on this. Otherwise, they will continue to throw good money after bad money. Hopefully, this is one area the new trustees will review. Ipads and technology can be awesome if used right. Feaster Charter in the CVESD uses them for all k-8 students. They have a great technology plan, teachers are trained, there are parameters on how they can be used, and use is tied into plans and results. I know its easier here because its a small sample size, but templates for good use are out there. Its just that Ed Brand and the prior Trustees felt they knew better, or had ill intentions in mind. As far as student use and abuse of the Ipads, lets place blame where it belongs - on the parents of those students!! My 8th grader has one, and yes she can access whatever she wants whenever she wants. But we monitor, review and hold her accountable to using it appropriately. Its too easy to blame teachers, the district and others for one thing the parents are responsible for - their kids! Cmon parents!!
— November 5, 2014 5:57 p.m.

Sweetwater board candidate stumps on civility So lets respond to Jims claims in his campaign website 1. 3 schools nationally ranked. What about the 75% of district schools in Program Improvement? 2. Believes in local education control - unfortunately too much. He gave too much control and did not do his job in overseeing Jesus Gandera and Ed Brand as both wasted millions in unpopular program cuts, diversion of funds into pet projects, wasting and borrowing of Prop O funds and Mello Roos funds. 3. Supports visual and performing arts - but did not support ROP or adult ed 4. Stopped mello roos taxes in 2013 - this is an absolute joke! He voted for increases every year and only questioned in 2013 when community members began to vehemently question mello roos spending at board meetings and when prior CFO Alt Alt recommended they not be increased. 5. School bond transparency - another absolute joke! I was on the bond committee for 4 years and he did and questioned nothing as far as repeated bond program change orders, SGI exorbitant billing, etc. He approved every change order submitted by contractors that contributed to his campaign, and approved all of SGI's invoices. The bond committee should get credit for the transparency not Jim! 6. Stopped bond fund borrowing - another joke! He approved it every year until the community reached a fever pitch on this practice. He sat through numerous years of this practice occurring and did nothing until the community repeatedly questioned this practice!! 7. Supports a forensic audit - such a liar! He did not support it as numerous community members called for one over the years even while he was President and had the authority to do so! Now he does ?! Hmmm, I don't believe it!! 8. Opposes open enrollment - baloney he does! He let Brand do it for years even as we appealed to him as Board President to stop it! He never opposed it and never even commented on it even with his daughter at Eastlake High feeling the effects. This man is not genuine is his campaign claims. Like I once told Ed Brand in person and at a board meeting, your actions speak truer than your words. Jim, same goes for you! Your campaign claims are false, misleading and do not represent your actions on the board for all those years. Your colors have not changed. You had your chance and you let the community down. Do not vote for Jim Cartmill!
— September 27, 2014 2:08 p.m.

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