Restaurant Review

But I Did Eat at a Holiday Inn This Morning

Chinese breakfast at Chin’s Seafood & Grill, in Miramar’s Holiday Inn.

Mission Hills, via Brooklyn

Brooklyn Girl in Mission Hills has been packed since opening.

Zelda's Place

The waiter at Street Side Thai Kitchen set the Garden Fish ($19.95) down in the middle of the table. A crispy orb peeked from beneath a fringe of cilantro. Freshly sliced tomatoes lined one side ...

Most Important Meal of the Day

That’s what they call breakfast, right? But, honestly, most weekdays, I’m not very good at getting my day started off right. Our household does enjoy breakfast on weekends, and we always take note of what ...

Brew and ’Cue in Apple Country

San Diego flatlanders open a brewery in the local mountains.

Made for You and Me

Alforon offers a warm bit of heaven.

A drive down El Cajon Boulevard leads to Alforon, the said-to-be “amazing” Lebanese restaurant. No disappointments there.

A New Gaijin-neration

I wasn’t sure what to think when I first heard about Gaijin Noodle + Sake House. Taken literally, the word “gaijin” means “foreigner.” In actual usage, it means “non-Japanese.” But growing up in Hawaii, “gaijin,” ...

Two Toronados

The word Toronado carries a lot of meaning in West Coast craft-beer circles. For San Franciscans, it’s the name of a bar in the Lower Haight, where the stock has consisted of fine beer for ...

Saucy Since 1967

The first North Park Little League team meeting of the new season had ended at Morley Field, and we were starving. “Mom! Tonight’s the fundraiser for my school at Paesano’s. Can we go there?” I ...

Borrego Bonanza

The broaching of the subject is inevitable: in any extended conversation, I’ll always find a way to sneak in a “Have you eaten anything good recently?” And, quite often, that little question bears fruit. A ...

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