Blurt: San Diego Music News

Doug Webb Quartet does Jazz Live

...and other jazz happenings around San Diego September 8-13

Tuesday 8 Jazz 88 showcases Jazz Live featuring the Doug Webb Quartet with pianist Mitchell Forman, bassist Kevin Axt, and drummer Dan Schnelle at the Saville Theatre (14th & C Street) at 8 p.m. Free ...

University offers to foot the bill for Ché Café repairs

With the Ché on the heritage organization's endangered list, UCSD has a change of heart

After weeks of meetings between the Ché Café collective and UCSD administration, the two sides have announced an agreement that spells out specific improvements that will pave the way for the operation of the Ché ...

Gigtown stirs the pot

“Just as Uber changed transportation, we’re changing local music"

Is Gigtown a heavy-handed bully or visionary new business model? Launched as an all-purpose app to connect musicians with gigs and fans to shows, some locals are recoiling at how this aggressive startup has flipped ...

Subsurfer drops in on Electric Audio

San Diego band records with star-maker Steve Albini

Subsurfer founder Dave Montalbano got Steve Albini (Nirvana, the Pixies, the Breeders) to record his band’s fourth album. The local singer/guitarist says he picked up the phone and called Albini at Electrical Audio, the Chicago ...

Homegrown's got a new harvester

Josh Damigo on local radio, bands, and the San Diego Music Awards

“Yeah, Mookie and I are doing Homegrown Hour,” Josh Damigo tells the Reader over lunch at a La Mesa coffee shop. Mookie is San Diego Uptown News reporter Marc “Mookie” Kaczor. “I’ve always thought I ...

Peter Sprague's not done, but he'll take the award

When is the right time to honor a lifetime in music?

“That fellow named Kevin [Hellman], who is in charge of the awards, called me about a month ago and said they’d like to do that,” says 59-year-old jazz guitarist Peter Sprague, on the phone to ...

Charlie Arbelaez Quartet at Croce's Park West

...and other jazz happenings around San Diego September 2-6

Tuesday 1Bassist Ben Wanicur's monthly jam session returns to 3rd Space (4610 Park Boulevard) with Robert Dove and Matthew Smith for $5 cover. Wednesday 2 Catch Tin/Bag and the Nathan Hubbard Quartet with Kris Tiner, ...

Shotgun ambassador

Deejay "Shotgun" Tom Kelly goes radio silent

San Diego’s most recognized radio deejay has learned that his gig is over. After 18 years at L.A.’s classic hits station KRTH-101, Shotgun Tom Kelly was told his contract as the afternoon drive-time host would ...

Gregory Page and friends to perform free Balboa Park concert

"This is a gift from us and the city of San Diego."

While a Balboa Park centennial committee blew through $2 million before it was disbanded after coming up with nothing, a group of accomplished acoustic artists are banding together for an old-timey, low-tech, free-admission concert Saturday ...

Damned North Park

The Damned's drummer Pinch finds solace in Spring Valley

“I know what the weather’s like back home. My wife keeps bloody complaining about it.” This, followed by a case of the giggles. It’s Pinch, the Damned’s drummer of the past 16 years, on the ...

Foreign exchange with Quel Bordel

How to tour Europe and come home with cash, and other advices from the local gypsy-rock act

Follows is some “how to” advice from San Diego band Quel Bordel. How to get a tour in the south of France and come home with money: Quel Bordel singer/guitarist Jakovich Skolnick met the band ...

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