Blurt: San Diego Music News

Pierced the radio veil

Local post-core quartet is blowing up

It pays to play well. Even if there aren’t many people there to see you. “The other day I went to the Ché Café and there were, like, ten kids there,” says singer/songwriter/guitarist Vic Fuentes ...

The Mice embrace the weird

Twenty-year punk trio and their bar the Bancroft bring a new sound to East County

The three punk Mice have been playing for 21 years. “We actually started two years before as Billy Club,” explains singer/bassist Travis Poe. “Our lead singer Matt went away to rehab and never came back. ...

From Europe to Elysium

Al Di Meola talks fusion music and its classical ties

From the streets of Jersey City came guitarist Al Di Meola, who toiled in the fusion group Return to Forever, at age 20, and eventually went solo, combining rock, jazz, classical, and electronic approaches. He ...

Shadowy shows

From Kids in the Hall to the Hideout — follow the Shadowy Men

The instrumental trio Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet are best known for penning the theme song to the Kids in the Hall sketch comedy TV series. Even though the Shadowy Men were in the ...

America's got ruined child voices

Another youngster sings opera in an inappropriate way

Here we go again with the surprise “opera” singer on a talent show. America’s Got Talent just revealed Laura Bretan as the latest Jackie Evancho or Paul Potts or whats-her-name, the Scottish woman who sang ...

Mozart and Beethoven: The adolescents

Early pieces of music by titans is good stuff

Have you ever wished you could meet someone before they became the person you know and love? Maybe wish you could meet one of your parents when they were an adolescent or perhaps experience your ...

Fred Hersch and Anat Cohen play the Athenaeum

...and other jazz happenings around San Diego June 8-12

Wednesday 8 Trumpeter Gilbert Castellanos has two gigs at Panama 66 (1450 El Prado) beginning when he hosts the Young Lions Series at 6 p.m. and continuing when he leads the jam session at 8:30 ...

San Diego Symphony season retrospective

A look at a few great moments from the 2015-'16 season

The Masterworks Season for the San Diego Symphony has concluded, so let’s take a brief look at the high-water marks. While the Mahler Symphony No. 6 concert had some technical issues this was more than ...

Vintage Henry

Mrs. Henry goes "one-hundred percent analog" on new double-record set

“We recorded this album one hundred percent analog with engineer Jordan Andreen at Audio Design Recording here in San Diego,” says Daniel Cervantes of Mrs. Henry’s upcoming self-titled two-volume set. “Tracked on vintage gear, while ...

Eve of construction

Eve Selis talks rollerblading and how it lead to her new release

Stories about musicians suffering for their art are legion. Few of them involve rollerblading. But Eve Selis says her new record, See Me with Your Heart, never would have happened if she hadn’t torn her ...

I've made thousands off those idiots

San Diego artists on their Gigtown gigs

While the local booking company Gigtown remains controversial, one San Diego band and a hardcore critic are glad they’re here. Launched last year by Andy Altman with a reported $3 million investment by his father, ...

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