Blurt: San Diego Music News

Independent internet radio stations stifled by fees

New royalty fees may be too much for smaller operations, like the local

A new royalty rate fee went into effect January 1 based on a ruling by the Copyright Royalty Board. It impacts all U.S. internet radio stations that play music and snuffed one popular station. “Rates ...

Joshua White debuts new quintet

...and other jazz happenings around San Diego January 12-17

Tuesday 12Jazz Live (1313 Park Boulevard) opens the week with a tribute to the iconic pianist Bill Evans, with John Campbell, Darek Oles, and Duncan Moore. This concert begins at 8:00 p.m., but is preceded ...

Illicit drugs work better with classical

Research confirms that classical music is the best music to listen to while tripping balls

For those of us who grew up in the “just say no” era, the research that is being done on psychedelics at John Hopkins is puzzling. I thought drugs were the enemy. Turns out that ...

Dorkbot One

Electronics meets music meets ears at Whistle Stop on Wednesday

Dorkbot: “people doing strange things with electricity.” It was founded by Douglas Repetto 15 years ago as a music and technology conclave in New York and has since spawned meet-ups in about 140 cities worldwide. ...

Now you know: Kids in Heat

Catch the up-and-coming locals Sunday with Nobunny at Soda Bar

Mikey Belknap’s helium-spiked vocals ended up at Kids in Heat’s lead microphone almost randomly. “My brother Stan was always playing guitar in bands. I wasn’t a musician, just really into skating. I was in Texas ...

The talent follows Michael Pritchard

Former Anthology talent-buyer now booking shows for Humphreys Backstage Live

Anthology gave Michael Pritchard the opportunity to establish himself as a talent buyer during its 2007–2012 run. By bringing artists such as Natalie Cole, Wynton Marsalis, India Arie, and Michael Buble to the Little Italy ...

Wyatt's return

Young blues phenom Wyatt Lowe back in San Diego for a weekend of shows

Teenaged blues guitarist Wyatt Lowe was on a roll three years ago when he and his band the Youngbloods played the House of Blues, Gator by the Bay, and Adams Avenue Street Fair. But in ...

A few preferences for Schubert's Winterreise

Further along the winter journey

It’s time to return to Winterreise. When it comes to Schubert’s “Winter Journey,” I prefer bass-baritones to tenors for one simple reason. The type of tenor who would sing Winterreise isn’t a voice type of ...

Bearded beta males of the Pleistocene

Not much has changed around campfires in the last 40,000 years

The number of prehistoric instruments that have been found around the world is astounding. There is even evidence of instruments being found in neanderthal sites. These instruments are almost all based on the pentatonic scale ...

Curtis Taylor hits Happy Hour at the Handlery

...and other jazz happenings around San Diego January 5-9

Tuesday 5 The Lanny Roberts Quartet with Jason Shattil on piano, Ben Wanicur on bass, and Duncan Moore on drums play the monthly jam session at 3rd Space (4610 Park Boulevard ) at 8 p.m. ...

Three great San Diego moments of music from 2015

...those moments where the hall disappears, the audience disappears, and even the musicians disappear

Instead of making a list of best concerts from 2015 we’re going with a few of the best moments. The best moment of 2015 was soprano Emily Magee singing Marietta’s Lied at the San Diego ...

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