Blurt: San Diego Music News

Carlsbad or bust

Annual music festival turns to Kickstarter for support

The simple math works like this: another $8000 needs to be pledged this week or the Carlsbad Music Festival gets a big fat zero. At the time of writing, 32 potential donors have thus far ...

Leonard Patton, Lizzi Trumbore do Jazz Live

...and other jazz happenings around San Diego July 21–26

Tuesday 21 The Steph Johnson/ Rob Thorsen Duo play Croce’s Park West (2760 Fifth Avenue) from 6 to 9:30 p.m. Free… Jazz Live presents Lizzi Trumbore, Leonard Patton, Justin Grinnell, and Peter Sprague at the ...

Scene Not Heard

A second compilation from San Diego's unsung punks

“All these people said they would use our music on their comps. The problem is, those comps never came out.” That’s why longtime punker Ugly Lenny of Inciting Riots became Ugly Lenny record producer when ...

Epicentre cuts the cord

All-ages venue calls it quits in Mira Mesa

“You’re killin’ me,” says Brian Witkin, founder of Pacific Records, about the news that the venue that gave him his break in the music business was ending live shows. “I met my wife when we ...

Girl in the Middle of Italy

Local Americana act finds listeners in European markets

Since Carol Rider is the lead singer and guitarist of local Americana rock quartet Girl in the Middle, you might assume the name is referring to her. You’d be wrong. “The name is a concept ...

The original family band

"Bubblegum pop" group the Cowsills come to town on the Happy Together tour

“We were around when there was lots of acid rock and we filled a niche that was being ignored,” says singer Paul Cowsill of his 1960s pop group the Cowsills. “Bob Dylan told Rolling Stone ...

Rock-and-roll food CHON

North County prog rockers launch European tour at the all-ages Irenic

Progressive rock, the complex, jazzy instrumental music that flourished with King Crimson and Return to Forever didn’t weather as well as other genres from the ’70s and ’80s. “I think those bands got hit with ...

Can Ché stay?

UCSD chancellor agrees to meet with Ché Collective on Wednesday

In what could be a major development in keeping the Ché Café alive, UCSD Chancellor Pradeep Khosla has for the first time agreed to meet with key members of the Ché Collective 2 p.m. Wednesday. ...

Ben Wanicur jams at 3rd Space

...and other jazz happenings around San Diego July 13-19

Monday 13 Saxophonist Charlie Arbelaez presents the Music of Blue Note at Croce’s Park West (2760 Fifth Avenue) at 7:00 p.m. for a $5 cover. Tuesday 14 Bassist Ben Wanicur hosts his monthly jam session ...

Jazz 'toons

There was always music in Forrest Westbrook's house

When local jazz pianist Forrest Westbrook passed away last year, his daughters Leslie and Yvonne had to clean out his City Heights apartment. “We had the daunting task of clearing out 10,000 LPs, 4000 CDs, ...

No bully pulpit

Cholo-goth duo Prayers make Pet Shop Boys tough

“I’ve been stabbed. I’ve been shot. I’ve stabbed people. People have stabbed me.” Rafa Reyes says he proudly claims the Sherman Grant Hills Park gang he joined at age 13. His street-savvy tattooed choloness mixed ...

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