If the fans want to keep the Chargers, then the fans need to put money where their mouths are. The average taxpayer has other priorities.

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Nader Right Again

Don Bauder has been skeptical about putting a second stadium in downtown San Diego (“Chargers: Look at Petco Failure,” “City Lights,” December 23). This is a quote he will like:

“Local taxpayers rather than billionaire team owners pay for the new sports stadiums and arenas that dot the American landscape because of the political leverage sports teams and their allies gain through corporate cash and the threat to move elsewhere.” — Ralph Nader, Cutting Corporate Welfare

Nader is right. Let the Chargers move to L.A.

  • Deuel Woodward
  • Chula Vista


The bus routes listed in the December 23 “Tin Fork” were incorrect. The routes that run past the Imperial Beach Farmers’ Market are the 933 and the 934.

Sis’s Kids

I was glad to see a letter complaining about “Diary of a Diva” (“Kid Opinion Rankles,” December 23) — it inspired me to write my own. I used to be a big fan of Barbarella’s. I felt like she was a fresh cosmopolitan voice in San Diego. But lately, over the past year or so, I find myself stopping after the first paragraph of her column. Especially when I realize that, once again, she’s writing about her sister and her sister’s kids. Her column is turning into “Diary of a Diva’s Sister”! For someone who professes not to like children, she sure gets a lot of material out of them.

Another nail in the coffin came a few months ago when she wrote about going shopping with — you guessed it — her sister (“Fashion Police,” November 11). What kind of a diva needs someone to take her shopping? I had to side with David on that one when she came home with a track suit. A track suit? Really? How about jeggings, or something from this decade? David’s wife is turning into a frumpy housewife, and her column reflects it.

  • Billy J.
  • Downtown

Yay, Walkers!

It has been my company’s mission for 17 years to provide Americans with mobility challenges with another set of wheels. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to see the Nova GetGo Rolling Walker featured in the article by Patrick Daugherty, “Second Annual Christmas Gift Guide” (“Sporting Box,” December 16).

No longer are walkers just ugly, grey pieces of metal with tennis balls. There are hot-rod walkers that come in colors, super-cool features, and fun options that really allow people to move and groove again. Don’t we all deserve to walk with some style and pride? Yes, indeed, this makes a great holiday gift! What is more important than giving back Grandma’s mobility — to go to the park, on a date, on a trip to Europe?

So, thank you, Patrick, for featuring our GetGo Rolling Walker with a thumbs up from the Box. The truth is that most people still have a little denial when it comes to using a walker, so getting the word out is huge. Thank you for making our racing model walker so darn cool.

  • Sue Chen
  • President, CEO
  • NOVA

No Tourist Food

While I understand that Ms. Wise may be loyal to chefs she likes who have left a restaurant, I totally disagree with her (Restaurant Review, December 16) re the food at Old Town’s Cosmopolitan Restaurant since owner Joseph Melluso made his decision to undertake duties as head chef after Naomi’s positive review (September 9). Naomi, perhaps you are unaware that chef-owner Melluso has many years’ experience as a chef himself.

I more than happily ate there again (having eaten there previously several times when Amy DiBiase was chef) with relatives on Monday, December 27, 2010, and the food was excellent, the service superb. Ingredients remained of high quality. I had steamed mussels and clams made with Silva linguiça, preserved lemon, roasted tomato, and salsa verde — delicioso! May I strongly urge all food lovers to not be discouraged by disparaging comments made without tasting the food! Thank goodness there continues to be a place that doesn’t qualify as “tourist food” in Old Town (Naomi’s diss) but excellent food for any location.

  • ibmama2
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In the Old Man’s Face

In regards to “Blurt,” December 16 (“Taking Back California”): Would we ever want a governor who “would have kicked the shit out of” Jerry Brown or “kicked Whitman’s ass”? That sounds a bit redneck.

I can tell you from personal experience that Richard Aguirre is the one who becomes aggressive when irritated. I am no fan of Jerry Brown, but is it really appropriate to get “in the face” of a 76-year-old man?

Aguirre’s “solution” of installing solar panels qualifies him as an “extreme capitalist” because he is involved and will profit. It would appear he will use similar excuses if ever elected to anything as he did when he failed in the primary.

He should stick to being a “rocker,” not a talker!

The real “Blurt” story would be about him using U2, Joe Cocker, and Led Zeppelin in his campaign videos, all copyrighted music. I’m sure he’d go after anyone pirating his “music.”

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  • San Diego

No Singer

To Garrett Harris: You are what we singers call a non-singer (that is, a person unfit to judge others). For you to make a mockery out of an honorable man’s honest living as an operatic divo is appalling (“Immortal Beauty,” December 16). You, Garrett Harris, are a sham.

I am a diva.

  • Rosalie Wolfe-Taubman
  • Escondido

Home Grown

I read your recent article advocating a crackdown on back yard chickens with dismay (“SD on the QT”: “Choking the Chicken Ordinance,” December 9). I suggest you hold a group screening of the film Food, Inc. and reconsider your position on raising chickens at home.

  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • via email

Dotted Swan

I just saw the movie Black Swan, which I thought was a very good movie. I was interested to read what your movie critics had to say (“Black Swan Gets a Black Dot,” December 9) and was a bit disappointed with the black dot rating until I realized that whomever did the review didn’t even know who all the actresses in the movie were. Winona Ryder was not in the movie. I’m guessing your critic mixes her up with Mila Kunis. Oh, well, so much for accuracy of content.

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viewer Jan. 5, 2011 @ 7:20 p.m.

""I can tell you I am one of the original bikers that started the bbike movement in San Diego." (quote of "David Lesser")

Anyone can claim that; but searching the name of "David Lesser" -- in this case --- on an i'net search engine. Like Google. No link comes up, showing credibility/proof. Even more --- as it be said there be some people in society that don't have computers. There be those whom have computers, but don't have "Facebook." etc. As they Google suits them enuff.

SFor The Record --- SHOW ME YOUR PROOF "..one of the original bikers that sstarted the bike movement in San Diego."


viewer Jan. 5, 2011 @ 10:10 p.m.

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viewer Jan. 6, 2011 @ 7:47 p.m.

to Scott Young:

Wait 'til you find out how $ bicycle citations be here. Even though I read what you said about your following of laws. What cold weather have you driven in? "Cyclists" here have cycling as a warm-weather hobby.


viewer Jan. 10, 2011 @ 7:38 p.m.

I take it that "San Diego Reader" --- displaying their "Pro Mass" image for so long --- has been expressing to FLIP OFF ME. Via the neg phone comments from SDReader "office manager", that I received. PROVE THAT via "comment removed by adminstrator" -- of my above.


viewer Jan. 11, 2011 @ 2:18 p.m.

Even more, anyone whom learn of publisher Jim's "Christianlity." As be revealed on the internet.

It seem that the above image now be Jim's +cross+


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