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Memorializing the Vietnam War

Camp without Joy Vietnamese have been brought to Camp Pendleton. The Camp Pendleton that sent Marines to Danang in the first place, just 10 years ago. With little imagination, you could think it's sort of ...

Original ideas

A potpourri of human concepts

Grrrrrrrr Ennis says she enjoys where she lives and doesn't think about the freeway raging 50 yards from her front door. "My general thought about this neighborhood is I really like it because we do ...

Sports celebs

San Diego's own: Ted Williams, Archie Moore, Maureen Connolly, Pancho Segura, and more

Against the current Florence Chadwick in and out of the water. When she was six years old, her parents enrolled her in a swimming class at the Mission Beach Swimming School.... [A]fter a few months ...

San Diego scandals are nothing new

Assault on Montserrat In hot pursuit of the J. David Dominelli story, San Diego reporters ran into crafty cabdrivers, ferocious dogs, paper-thin walls, and — worst of all — each other. By Thomas K. Arnold, ...

So Seventies

Body Shop Nude dancers in Loma Portal. The place was crowded and smoky. As Heidi started to dance, wearing only a belt of gold coins low on her hips, some of the men at the ...

Poised to burst into flame

A history of San Diego fires

Red Sky The 1970 Palomar Mountain Fire. In the chaparral-covered hills east of San Diego, Saturday, September 26, dawned a burnt orange. At 6:15 that morning, the first day of deer-hunting season, two hunters reported ...

What it's like to come to America

"I thought I had come into hell. Van Nuys was so hot. I mean, God."

Guatemalan Dreams of American Green Every day at 7:00 a.m., Mateo (names in this article have been changed to protect the immigrants) wakes up next to Maria, his longtime girlfriend. Most mornings, he hops out ...


Good-mood food

Asada days and adobada nights — A little taste of Loreto in San Diego. by Mary Beth Abate Tacos where you least expect them — Looking beyond standard tacolandia. By Ed Bedford Taco mecca — ...

Best of Blog World, 2005

Rachel Pink in Manhattan My blog, Rachelpink Rides the Bus, started as a lark over a long weekend. At first it was an exercise in self-restraint. I thought I was talking too much, talking all ...

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