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San Diego’s premodern Indians

Pictographs at Rancho Bernardo, controlled burns, and revolutionist Antonio Garra

A Curse Upon This Place J. Downey Harvey could now legally remove the Indians. There were five settlements: Agua Caliente, Puerta de la Cruz, San José, Puerta Ignoria, and Mataguay; about 215 Indians lived in ...

Hobbies: Mahjong, chess, crosswords, cars, guns, gardening, stamp-collecting and more

What we love chooses us

Mind Game Everett Boyer, a twenty-four-year-old computer programmer, controls a character of some renown in San Diego, the powerful Elrond. (The character appears originally in Tolkien’s The Hobbit.) This blond and sturdy elf has acquired ...

SD Characters: Sol Price, pioneer of Costco; Larry Lawrence, one of America's richest

Plus Andy Kay, Fletcher family, Blue brothers, and mafioso Alan Glick

Larry Lawrence and the Greening of American Politics Much of the San Diego money that went into the Clinton campaign’s coffers was collected May 17 at a $1000-per-person party for Clinton at the Coronado home ...

Neighbors battling Francis Parker goes back a long way

Plus fighting KFC in Golden Hill, a cabbie in Hillcrest, saving Victorians on Front Street, and quiet Olive Street

Mission Hills vs School Originally, a strip of public street called Plumosa Way, which runs 100 yards from Randolph Street to the edge of the canyon, was the northern boundary of the school. The street ...

Downtown San Diego before 1930

How IWW and the Wobblies were shut down, and the gruesome Bennington explosion in San Diego Bay

How San Diego Took Care of its Wobblies Jack Whyte was one of the last wobblies to be convicted: “If the people of the state are to blame for this persecution, then the people...are to ...

San Diego Bay free anchorage, Yukon diving deaths, great white sharks in San Diego

Beach life: 1999-2004

All Summer, All Winter Is the Sound of the Sea “There have been remarkably small changes in the San Diego shoreline. Where you do see big changes is by the harbors where there was a ...

19 years ago today, Andrew Cunanan killed Gianni Versace

"Andrew never wanted to work. He wanted the big house in La Jolla."

La Jolla Gentlemen and the Party Boy One of Cunanan's patrons has been identified as Lincoln Aston, who once owned the Pepita Way house that Blachford now has title to. Records show that in 1995, ...

San Diego voyages, 1987-1994

Deep hike with Jerry Schad, San Dieguito River, road trips from San Diego, El Cajon Mountain ruins friendship

Life on the Crest We had walked for nearly an hour when we decided to take a break and watch the sun come up over the Chocolate Mountains and the Salton Sea. As far as ...

A look back at major league sports in San Diego

Stan Humphries' brain, Chargers vets, Nick Canepa’s “Sez Me” column

Why I Hate Football Working bars in New York, I had to keep the nightstick ready during Giants' games. I pried sports fans apart, called cops and ambulances. In Coronado years later, tending bar, a ...

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