Content for Thursday, May 10, 2001

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We Bleed in Mexico

“There were three sisters, all of them wrestlers. Two sisters married brothers who were also wrestlers.” Speaking is a man I’ll call Earl Elkin, 53, who, in the maturity of his life, found a career ...

Of race and riots

Ex-San Diego city manager Sylvester Murray, who lost his job in 1986 after saying in a newspaper interview that "I get an orgasm just being a boss of police," has been hired by Cincinnati mayor ...

Is it possible to accurately shoot two guns?

Mattmeister: I was watching TV last night and saw one of those scenes that we've all seen too many times. The scene showed a gunperson (PC) holding two (2) guns, shooting and doing a dandy ...

What kind of chemical is "sodium laureth sulfate?"

Heymatt: What kind of chemical is "sodium laureth sulfate"? It seems to be the main ingredient in almost every shampoo or body wash. -- Joe E. Simpson, the net What kind? The cheap, popular, widely ...

Does the hands-on-hips position help with the intake of oxygen?

M.A.: After a run or a quick walk up Cowles Mtn. I have a tendency to put my hands on my hips as I breathe deeply. This is the only situation in which I stand ...

Endure Sisyphean ascents and descents enroute to one of Los Angeles County's finest waterfalls: Fish Canyon Falls.

One of L.A. County's most attractive waterfalls, Fish Canyon Falls in the San Gabriel Mountains, lies today in a canyon whose mouth has been ripped apart by large-scale quarrying operations. Once beyond the canyon's gaping, ...

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