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Father of Fitness

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Ride virgin pavement on this bicycle loop incorporating Highway 52 and the new Scripps Poway Parkway.

During the past five years, two new east-west highways have opened up for traffic in the Poway and Santee areas: the Tierrasanta-to-Santee leg of Highway 52 and Scripps Poway Parkway. Both roadways were designed to ...

Shaking the Trees in Tijuana

There's a new paper coming to town. Not to San Diego, Tijuana. And Tijuana already has four regular dailies. Four times what its rich sister-city to the north can boast. As newspaper editors south of ...

This Is the Way It Happened

It was calm because it was Sunday morning. My son and daughter, 19 and 20, were upstairs in their beds. My husband and I were drinking coffee and reading. He was reading the San Diego ...

Who owns the mailbox, and is it illegal to put things in other people's mailboxes?

Matthew Alice: Pizza and beer riding on this one. Is a mailbox the property of Uncle Sam, or does it just have to conform to certain standards? Also, is it illegal to put notes, samples, ...

Why are there lights facing the wrong way on Ash Street?

Dear Matthew Alice: I walk to work via Ash Street, downtown and recently I noticed that there are single red lights pointing the opposite direction to the flow of traffic. They are mounted on the ...

Why do car alarms go off on Mt. Soledad?

To: Matmail: I enjoy cruising up to Mt. Soledad to watch the tourists freak out when their car alarms sound after they've enjoyed the view and come back to their vehicles. I know to disengage ...

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