Musician Band
Garth Robbins Smokestaxx
Gary Lefebvre Gary Lefebvre/Joe Marillo Quintet
Gavin Templeton Joshua White
George Kezas Sam Johnson Jazz Group
Gerard Nolan Flimz, Skirt Alert, Earful
Greg Pardue PHD Jazz, Forecast, Will Faeber Band
Harold Land Harold Land
Hollis Gentry Fattburger, Hollis Gentry
Howie Segurson San Diego Concert Jazz Band
Ian Tordella Earful, Ian Tordella
Ira B. Liss Ira B. Liss Big Band Jazz Machine
Irwin Haas Blues Brokers, Straight Six, Elevators
Isaac Agundez Groove Syndicate
Isai Lara Avradelix
James Moody James Moody
James Wigle Neveready
James Garcia Ottly Mercer, Amalgamated
Jared Belsky SDSU Jazz Ensemble
Jason Robinson Cosmologic, Jason Robinson, Joshua White
Jeff Dresser Bad Neighborz
Jens Rossen Man the Submersible, Jens Rossen
Jeremy Milne Faded Chroniclez
Jerry Johnson Big Mountain
Jerry Waxler Coronado Big Band
Jesse Molloy On the One
Jesse Aduelo Áfrojazziacs
Jesse Audelo Tiffany Jane, Sure Fire Soul Ensemble
Jesus “Jess” Porras Jesus “Jess” Porras
Jim Call Penetrators, Sensational Big M.R. and His All-Bitchin' All-Stud All-Stars, Nice World
Jim French Black Heart Procession, Black Heart Procession
Jim Weiss Big Time Operator, Montalban Quintet, Smokestaxx
Jim Mason Wild Nights (formerly Left4Dead)
Joe Asaro Manual Scan
Joe Harrison In Motion Collective, New Archaic
Joe Cardillo Endoxi, Chris Wilson & Planet Earth, Joe Cardillo, Joe Cardillo and Kenny Eng
Joe Marillo Joe Marillo, Gary Lefebvre/Joe Marillo Quintet
Joey Casora JoeyCIII
John Roy Fearless in Fairweather, Self-Made Men
John Rekevics Hi-Five (Chargers)
John Avery Jazz Avenue
John Guenther ACME Rhythm & Blues Revue and Show Band
Johnny Viau VMB!
Johnny Almond Johnny Almond
John Paul Labno Grand Ole Party, Hot Moon, Mr. Tube & the Flying Objects, Mohammed Qiang
Jonny Viau Sue Palmer, King Biscuit Blues Band, Orbis 2.0, Rhumboogies
Jonny Tarr Jonny Tarr, Tarr Steps
Joseph Howell Joseph Howell Jazz Quartet
Joseph Luna Soul ORGANization
Josh Scott Vokab Kompany
Joshua Donahue Oceanside Sound System

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