Performance artists

Musician Band
Adelaide Marcus Danyavaad & the Shimmy Sisters
Andrew Pates Album Leaf
Andy Pates Mr. Tube & the Flying Objects
Boyd Rice Boyd Rice
Brandon Mascara Monsters
Christopher Adler Gunther's Grass, Christopher Adler
Claudia Gomez Vorce Besos de Coco, Thousand Butterflies
Coco Campbell Pruitt Igoe
C-Rey Diego Brown Project
Danie Caw Leo-TARDS
Devra Gregory Devra Gregory
Drake Culver Shoot Z Pier, Plastic City Pariah
Esteban Flores Beware We Are the Werewolves of Belial, Van Clitt, League of Haloses, Monochromacy
Fatty Freelunch Daddy Long Leggs, Fatty Freelunch and the Natives
Frank Zappa Wild Man Fischer, Frank Zappa
Frank Melendez Riververb, Sprung Monkey, League of Assholes
Giselle Anguizola Cherries Jubilee
Gloria Lanuza Camarada
Hans Fjellestad Hans Fjellestad
Jason Soares Bunky, Physics, Thingy, Aspects of Physics, KATA
J.D. Boucharde J.D. Boucharde
Jeffrey Beringer Mono Mono
Jeremy Glaholt AVicious
Jessica Jeffery Cathedral X
John-Ryan Shea AVicious
Larry "Wild Man" Fischer Wild Man Fischer
Leilainia Danyavaad & the Shimmy Sisters
Lola Demure Cherries Jubilee
Marcelo Radulovich Gunther's Grass, Playground Slap, Nice World, League of Haloses
Marcos Fernandes Borborygmus, Marcos Fernandes, Barefoot Hockey Goalie
Marizabel Arango Camarada
Matt Lorenz Aspects of Physics
MC Flow MC Flow
Miki Vale Miki Vale, 50/50
Molly Rose ¡Society!, Roses on Her Grave
(Mr)Arash Diego Brown Project
Rafael Reyes Rafael Reyes, Sons of the Moon, Nite Ritual, Ermavip, Baptism of Thieves, Vampire, Prayers
Robert M Robert M
Samuel Lopez Zsa Zsa Gabor, Samuel Lopez, Monochromacy
Scott Paulson Geisel Library Toy Piano Ensemble, Scott Paulson
Shayna Yates Noise Gate
Taj Easton (Charles) Book&Record
Todd Martin Camarada
Tony Mindcontrole Swollen Monkeys
Tony Sandoval Bad Science Fiction, Grams, XIV, Country Rockin’ Rebels
VV Loveland Scary Mary, VV Morgue
Zaza Tragic Tantrum

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