Musician Band
Brent Gutzwiller Black Belt Jones Band, Pushin Rope
Brent "The Red" McCarter Dannicus Live
Brent BeSaw Jazz Romántico
Brian Koga Di Nigunim
Brian Evans Helen Earth Band
Brian Dall Greg Gibson, Trans_Conduit
Brian DeMeulle Caught Looking, Uptown Rhythm Makers
Brian "Nucci" Cantrell Superdoo, Lady Dottie & the Diamonds, Assumptions, Johnny Vernazza
Brock Fengler Rick Elliot & the Secondhand Smoke Band
Brooklyn Brooklyn
Bryan Forsythe Spectacle
Bryan Constantino Di Nigunim
Caesar Astudillo Tinku
Cameron Foley Misc. Ailments, County Fair
Candace Tarry West of 5
Carlos Ortiz Lenny Morris, Plastic Revolution
Carlson Miller CounterPoint Culture
Cassandra Anderson Fabulous Rudies, Pleasure Device
Cathryn Beeks Gandhi Method, Cathryn Beeks, Double FF, Astra Kelly, Groove Kitties, Garbo
Cesar Agular Last Stone
Chad Farran Pruitt Igoe, Chad Farran, Western Collective, Blackout Party, Superunloader, Gayle Skidmore, Puente
Chad Cavanaugh Chad Cavanaugh
Chad Lee Silent Comedy, Mrs. Henry
Channing Booth Trece de la Suerte, Latin Jazz Trio Orchestra
Charles Rowland Some Girls, Vultures, Prayers (defunct), Crocodiles
Charlie Chavez Trece de la Suerte, Afrotruko, Charlie Chavez
Charlie Ross Pine Creek Posse
Chase Shelton Syndicate
Cheryl Cohan-Evans Kim Evans
Chris Wise Hi-Lites, Amalgamated
Chris Solarone Solarminds
Chris Lee McMullen Jaded
Christian Mills Elijah Emanuel & the Revelations
Christina Haemmerle Starcrossed, Canton Mudders
Christopher Rubio Lenny Morris
Christy Barrett Triumph of the Wild
Chuck Schiele Gandhi Method, Bad Science Fiction, Grams, Chuck Schiele
Claudia Gomez Vorce Besos de Coco, Thousand Butterflies
Clayton Payne Liquorsmiths
Codie Vokab Kompany
Cody De La Vara Range Rover
Cody Dobbins Nautikal
Collin Tuthill Irradio
Conan the Barbarian Noisegod
Conner Jones Ocean Hands
Corbin Turner Farmers
Craig Zarkos Craig Zarkos
Damon De La Paz Demasiado, Blackout Party, Curfew
Daniel Feldman Latin Connection Jazz Quintet
Danielle Spade Carlos Blues Experience, Stone Horse

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