Wahine Soup



I Always Want What the Boys Don't Like

I'm always on the hunt. But I'm looking for what most surfers are trying to avoid. I've become obsessed with ...

What's Your Problem, San Diego?

Maybe it's the water temperature turning cooler, or the impending arrival of winter... but a funky fog has settled over ...

Old Guys Rule. And Now I Know Why.

Sitting next to a 52-year-old San Diego surfer with the soul and humor of a teenager is definitely the best ...

That Ocean is One Fickle Bitch

Not to sound too OB... but the ocean really is a perfect balance of karmic energy. Wait, wait... let me ...

Summer Lovin' Over So Fast?

The tourists have taken the shine off the summer earlier than I expected. I'm already sick of the out-of-state license ...

With Guys Like These, Who Needs Sharks?

"Shark Week" is underway on the Discovery Channel with about 90% of the programs focusing on attacks. (Even though you ...

Waxing Charlie's Surfboard is the Most Fun I've had All Week

My buddy Charlie loaned me a 7-foot surfboard to try out to see how I fare on it compared to ...

Welcome to My Ridiculously Long Learning Curve

wahine (wä-hē-nē) noun: a female surfer. also see, a Polynesian goddess, a beautiful Hawaiian woman. soup: the white foam after ...

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