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That should probably read "sit."

Time now to consider which San Diego movie theater has, for your money, the most comfortable seating. Director Christopher Nolan loves him some complicated plotting, but sometimes (okay, all the time), it takes more than two lousy hours to gather all those seemingly disparate threads into one intricately designed tapestry. As a result, Batman Begins came in at two hours and twenty minutes. The Dark Knight clocked in at two hours, thirty-two minutes. And The Dark Knight Rises? A backside-numbing two hours and forty-four minutes.

Now, I know that the American people will not be outdone in their love for sitting down. But taken together, those three films total over seven and a half hours of Batmanny action. And tomorrow evening, there are several local theaters that are doing just that - taking all three of them together. You got your UltraStars, your Regals, and your Krikorians. And then there's your AMCs, including an IMAX option, which is probably the most in line with what Nolan would prefer, seeing as how he shot a fair chunk of The Dark Knight Rises with an IMAX camera.

Note: the AMC page lists the event as encompassing eight hours and forty-five minutes, presumablly to allow for popcorn breaks.

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