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SDG&E Defends Solar Rate Hike At County Hearing

Not out to make a profit? What a bunch of lies. This is a prime reason why public utilities should not be owned by private entities with stockholders to please. SDGE pays us solar users 4 cents per kilowatt for every extra kw we produce. It also pays all other producers of electricity only 4 cents per kw NO MATTER WHAT TIME OF DAY THEY BUY THE ELECTRICITY, but it sells that electricity for as much as 21 cents per kw to time of day users, which with smart meters we are all poised to become. They are making a fortune. Perhaps the more people who install solar the less electricity they sell at exorbitant rates as well as the more people conserve energy the less they sell. This is the number one reason that the money we pay towards energy conservation SHOULD NOT be going to SDGE to run the program. This program is totally in contradiction to their bottom line. A non-profit that has the mission to conserve energy should be running it. SDGE spends as much of the money as it can on staff and expenses. This whole garbage about paying for infrastructure solar users do not use is because SDGE is mad that the legislature informed them they must start paying those who over-produce for the excess energy they produce. SDGE wants that law changed. The dinosaur they are constructing at huge rate-payer expense-The Sunrise Powerlink is an example of how the utility builds unneeded infrastructure just so it can gouge more money out of rate payers. There are several large power lines that are under used coming into the state now and the more people and businesses installing solar and conserving the less need there is for out of area power. Sure killing the nascent solar industry in the state will help SDGE's bottom line. All they care about is profit. Cities and other government bodies need to start investigating taking over providing electricity to their citizens. This latest money grab should be the last! It is obvious that the future needs to be locally produced and locally used energy, not a grid that is very vulnerable to terrorists, accidents and all kinds of other nonsense which shuts off the power to huge numbers of people, instead of keeping any damage very localized.
— December 7, 2011 4:36 p.m.

Just the Facts

Refried Gringo, If you lived in Chula Vista you would know that one of our biggest problems here is that a small group of families have been running the city for decades and who you know has way too much sway in government. Robert Fagin is the ideal candidate for City Attorney because he does not live here, has never practiced law here and does not know any of the insider families. We worked for an elected City Attorney to ensure an independent City Attorney not beholden to mayor and council for his or her job. Someone who will decide matters only based upon the law. Robert Faigin's opponent has been in private practice in Chula Vista and almost all his clients have been people having business with the city, which is why he is listed as a Municipal Law Attorney. These clients are the very same people who will continue having business with city hall. If he is elected their former attorney will be deciding their legal matters still. This clearly does not look independent and could require hiring outside council to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest. He also is recieving financial support from law firms which work for the city, a sitting council member held an event for him, which the mayor's husband among other insiders attended, and he is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Third Ave. Business Association, and numerous other local groups. Is there any issue that the City Attorney will have to give an opinion on that he does not have an existing connection to the players? Quite Possibly Not.
— May 13, 2010 11:37 a.m.

Get Involved -- 09/28/09 at MAAC Charter School

Southwest Chula Vista Civic Association (A BRIGHTER FUTURE THROUGH COMMUNITY ACTION); PO Box 6064, Chula Vista, CA 91909, (619) 425-5771 · Do you have questions about solar electricity? · Would you like to know about solar water heating? COME ASK YOUR QUESTIONS ABOUT ALTERNATIVE ENERGY FOR YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS! Monday, April 27 6:45 PM MAAC Charter School 1385 Third Ave. (near Quintard) Martin Learn of Home Energy Systems & Someone from the city will present and answer questions about: · Ways city is exploring to help with costs. · Rebates and tax credits · Energy Conservation
— April 12, 2009 4:31 p.m.

Show Me the Trust

The Southwest Chula Vista Civic Association has absolutely nothing to do with the website I am the president and we had a board meeting yesterday and nothing was said about this website, which I have never seen or heard of until now. A majority of the small number of members of the Southwest Chula Vista Civic Association present on 1/26/09 voted to oppose the sales tax "as written." A majority of the board the week before had voted to support a half cent sales tax for five years, because a half cent would provide exactly the amount of money needed to avoid cuts and layoffs. As I personally see it the problem with one-cent is it puts too much extra money in the hands of at least three totally untrustworthy people. Councils have been fiscally irresponsible for years in Chula Vista, spending reserves in good times instead of building them. Now the City Manager is saying he wants to use the extra money to build the reserves during a recession!!! They just don't get the concept. Ten years is way too long to be giving these peole control over an extra 10 million or more per year. What councilman Castaneda did not say was that at the meeting he and councilman Ramirez held the Chamber of Commerce representative said that 80% of their members were opposed to the sales tax, but the Chamber was for it and would educate their members.--Another group that clearly does not get the concept of representing its constituents. I personally believe layoffs would be very bad for our economy in Chula Vista. I do not want to see services cut, but I have absolutely no trust in 3 of the council members who have consistently shown no regard for the southwest community and an insistance upon unfairly and unequally enforcing the laws of the city to the detriment of the existing residents and small businesses in order to win favor with out of town companies generous with their campaign contributions. Three of them wish to perpetuate social and environmental injustice in our community indefinitely. They do not deserve anyone's trust in my opinion. They also have no desire to reach out and try to regain trust. They refuse to put the sales tax on the council agenda for community discussion of options. They refuse to specify how money will be spent. They refuse to form a true overrsight committee with real power.
— February 19, 2009 9:47 p.m.

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