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I Blow Smoke on Your Law

Exercise in cool clear air outdoors can also trigger asthma, or is that uremia on renal insufficiency? In 1985 I suffered a heart attack caused by an ulcerative collapse with renal failure. I had to quit smoking, and coffee, and tea, and colas containing phosphoric acid for 4 years. I had no insurance and no doctor. I could not breath in and I could not breath out, and it was a living Hell until in desperation I tried gagging myself to throw up. The vomit was maroon-colored, then bloody red like port wine, but this technique of lavage with warm water (to remove crystals of phosphorus and uric compounds which otherwise remain solid and unremovable in cool/cold water) pulled me out of my heart attacks. What worked: Warm Water Lavage. Detox the stomach/liver/kidneys and loose the excess accumulation of Histamines and possible Uric Acid which recycle through the liver back to the stomach. Distilled Water-avoid tap water containing chlorine/chloro-nitrates. Electrolyte replacement Calcium Pantothenate and Biotin, and look at Co-Enzyme A (an essential respiratory enzyme) Magnesium Oxide (Phillips as a low-cost supplement), Not Magnesium Sulfate Avoid products containing phosphoric acid and phosphates. Avoid products like Gatorade. Magnesium Phosphates (and Magnesium Sulfate) will not work. Even though Magnesium Sulfate does recycle CO2 as O2, the sulfur is objectionable. #9 tokapanative says: it's because of "the stinky smell" It often smells like toasted coconut to me. Do you hate the smell of toasted coconut? #9 tokopanative says: And don't forget how tobacco smoke affects the lungs of children! I should know. My old man smoked and I was a child myself at the time. #12 tokopanative says: Tell everyone you are just exercising your 'right' to smoke when you or a loved one is dying a slow painful death due to emphysema or a heart attack!... Well I hope not, but I don't believe you anymore. You rattle off your most compelling arguments lastly and in all of your arguments as a careless handful of talking points. Look, if the asthma has a greater impact on the right-side lung and right-side chambers of the heart, then that is stomach and liver related, not lung-specific. Why don't you heal these people by treating the cause of their illness instead? Histamines, phosphorus compounds, and uric acid all recycle through the liver and concentrate in the stomach where they rob the diet and may be inducing starvation with shock. I can't say. I'm not the doctor attacking the innocent for a buck.
— September 24, 2009 9:37 p.m.

I Blow Smoke on Your Law

Oh dear! Oh dear! #9 tokapanative: some of us are very allergic to tobacco smoke and breathing it could put someone in a hospital ER. Particularly a child with asthma. Seems to me a child with Asthma needs to avoid all airborne contaminants, even those which are persistently present, like your car exhausts, your perfumes, blowing dusts and sands, fumes, etc. Let's look at Wikipedia and get some facts, I hope. Environmental Environmental tobacco smoke, especially maternal cigarette smoking, is associated with high risk of asthma prevalence and asthma morbidity, wheeze, and respiratory infections.[13] Low air quality, from traffic pollution or high ozone levels, has been repeatedly associated with increased asthma morbidity and has a suggested association with asthma development that needs further research.[13][14] Recent studies show a relationship between exposure to air pollutants (e.g. from traffic) and childhood asthma.[15] This research finds that both the occurrence of the disease and exacerbation of childhood asthma are affected by outdoor air pollutants.
— September 24, 2009 9:37 p.m.

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