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Lucchino to leave Red Sox in shakeup

Read it. http://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/2015/apr/26/... I don't know about yourself, but if I invested $85 million with the expectation of receiving $120 million 30 years later, then you should never hire me to invest your money. Minor League baseball isn't the bees knees when it comes to profit. I know Lucchino has been the financial mouthpiece for ownership all of his storied career. I also know that the Padres have PUBLICLY thrown Lucchino an invitation to join the ownership group in San Diego. THAT is far more dangerous than Lucchino heading up an effort to replace McCoy Field in Pawtucket, all things considered. Sandy Alderson was an excellent tool for Padres ownership to screw the tax payers, right? Imagine what Lucchino could do here if he returns. They're lawyers, Don, it's what they do. I'm guessing that if Larry draws $4 million per year from Providence, it's a pittance compared to what happens in the bigs. Let the sleeping Lucchino lie!
— August 4, 2015 12:47 p.m.

Down to the letter

Dearest Nancy Cuskaden from Tijuana: U.S. publications don't distribute here in Tijuana. Remember the old days when you could wake up on a Saturday morning and find a stand and get a copy of the Union-Tribune for maybe a quarter more than what you had to shovel into a machine in San Ysidro before you got into the trolley with a cup of java before work on the weekdays? That was swell, but it wasn't legal. Like yourself, I sure miss those days. Sadly, they're over. It isn't terrorism, although it's about the same thing, isn't it? We just want to read the news, dammit! Here's the thing: Back in the day, a couple of people would go over the border early in the morning and put some change into one or two or three of those machines, slake a bunch of freshly-printed newspapers out, and bring them here. Not anymore. I can't tell you empirically that this happens now (only that my expat pals share in your frustrations), but I strongly suspect that the Mexican Aduanas (Customs Officials) have put a stop to it. I mean, I remember the days when we could bring anything into this lovely Country, but now it appears that they are serious about checking out our baggage. I'm no expert, but I suspect it has more to do with money that with terrorism. For example, I have what I call a 'hobo-cart' (not to be offensive toward hobos, but these things come in very handy), and I can load that sucker up with groceries from Food 4 Less and have no issues. But hell, I get the special-buy on two cartons of cigs from Duty-Free on the way in, and they go nuts. Seriously. Even though I had my gal with me, they demanded that we had to have separate receipts for the cartons. There were even Mexican Marines with big giant guns to ensure our compliance. I imagine this is our future here, Nancy. Sucks to be us, but we do enjoy the great food, the awesome beer, and a sense of liberty within this Big Metal Fence that most of our pals outside of here can't comprehend. And, we have the internets, which is likely the future of paper-print (which I will passionately miss), so it's not all bad. Unless you live in the hotel I have lived at for the past couple of years, in which case, we're screwed. But you're not alone, we ALL notice this here. The times, they are-a-changing.
— June 10, 2015 9:37 p.m.

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