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Condition: bleak

Another sterling report. Thanks so much Susan for helping make so much that was clouded in, well, the clouds and lotsa smoke for so long, understandable at last. This is mind boggling, but not surprising, given the Brand and co tendency to self-deal and lie, lie, lie all the way to the bank. My first response: Why is Calhoun still promoting ANY use of the eastside property for District HQ? Does he have a stake in the outcome? Is he still taking orders from Brand and co? And, next, WHY is Calhoun still employed at all? With the details presented in the Keyser Marston report, it is clear to me that Calhoun either does not know squat about real estate development at all or what he is doing with the District Asset Utilization Plan; or he has deliberately been misleading the District Board and constituents. Either way, he is a liability as much as the properties and should be promptly sacked. Further, I continue to wonder why the L Street Property isn't used as either new District HQ, allowing the present 5th ave site to become an expanded vehicle yard; or why the District HQ on the present site isn't expanded using the adjacent vehicle yard and moving the vehicles to L Street? Clearly, the new board has its hands, and mental capacities, challenged with unraveling all the real estate schemes. And finally, what of Plan9 Partners? Did the Keyser Marston estimated bottom line include settling with them or buying them out? Thanks again for this fine report and bringing us up-to-date on the SUHSD property fiascos.
— January 16, 2015 12:39 p.m.

Horton's at the door

I think that the impasse over the present appointment is less about future direction of the City, than it is about resisting the attempt to gain power and influence by those who would remain behind the curtain. If it were only about the future direction of the city, McCann and Bensoussan would be eager to appoint those whose talents and expertise would bring fresh vision and knowledge to the discussion. As it is, their stubborn insistence is quite telling. I also think Mayor Salas is doing her level best to position the City for responsible development on the Bayfront and in the University project, but she is being opposed by McCann and Bensoussan who seem to want to anoint Shirley Horton (and by reference her developer pals) for more of the 'same ole, same ole'. Don't forget that the future of the SUHSD real estate entanglements will also be dependent upon approval from the Council, and we have reason to suspect that Horton's pals, especially David Malcolm, are involved in those schemes. Mayor Salas cannot focus on the positives in the future with those wolves nipping at her heels from the dais, and I hope she will stay determined to bring new talent and energy to the Council instead, if only in this two-year interim appointment. As was mentioned during the interviews, the City's Economic Development Department has been decimated by budget cuts during the economic downturn. It will be essential for that department to be reinvigorated and to find new professional leadership to help coalesce actions in purposeful and well thought-out development strategies.
— January 12, 2015 2:52 p.m.

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