Comments by oskidoll

Sweetwater cash cow improperly milked

Ms Neylon certainly sounds as if she is intellectually challenged. As a member of the County Board of Education, representing the South County, she should have at least learned some of the basic fundamentals of school finance. Money that comes to the school district from the state, unless it is restricted to some specific category (called categorical funding) can go into the general fund. The general fund is the money that the school board allocates via an annual budgeting process: so much for this, and so much for that. There are certain guidelines about requirements for so much (percentage) in reserve for 'emergencies', and certain guidelines restrict the money raised from Mello Roos property taxes....but in general, the general fund is for 'everything else' and the board has great latitude in how it is allocated. Their responsibility is to make sure that there is sufficient funding for maintenance of district properties, supplies for students, teacher and support staff salaries, etc. It seems to me that it is simple logic that if money has been put into one 'pot' as ms. Neylon says, that unless it is categorical funding or restricted to some special purpose, it may be MOVED into another more appropriate pot if needed there! Just because Fast Eddy or his buddies have said it must stay in the original account is not necessarily the truth and is quite likely part of the shell game. Do some homework, Ms. Neylon! You are going to have to be a great deal sharper (less gullible) than it appears if you expect to be re-elected to the County Board of Education when your term is up.
— September 4, 2014 10:18 a.m.

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