No to Ridgewood Park eucalyptus cell phone tower

Great story. NAUGHTY NIMBYS REACT TO WIRELESS ONSLAUGHT. The truth is that commercial interests are running roughshod over community interests in the runaway installation of wireless facilities across the United States. In San Diego, a charter city, it is illegal to do what Verizon thinks it can pay its way to do -- put up cell towers in public parks. Not allowed without a 2/3 vote of the people permitting it to happen. (The public should know that the San Diego City Charter is being "updated," so without push-back from the People, look for charter park protections to disappear or be "modified" into oblivion.) Meanwhile, the FCC is being sued in U.S. District Court by Montgomery County MD for its interpretation of the Spectrum Act. The FCC since 2012 has given carte blanche to the wireless industry to build cells towers with impunity in communities across the United States. The FCC has written that no local zoning rules or environmental regulations are to apply anywhere when it comes to putting up cell towers or adding visual garbage to existing poles. The League of California Cities, of which San Diego is a member, has joined the lawsuit as a friend of petitioner Montgomery County, but that hasn't stopped San Diego's aptly-named Development Services Department (DSD) from greasing the skids locally for the wireless juggernaut. San Diego Development Services has called for public comment on its citywide plans to conform to the FCC's wireless giveaway at a (mid-summer) August 12 meeting (at rush-hour) 5:45 p.m. at the Mission Valley Public Library, 2123 Fenton Pkwy., San Diego 92108. Anyone not on vacation or at the beach or drinking craft beer somewhere trendy who cares about this issue should SHOW UP. And don't be late: the DSD notice warns "the meeting could end earlier than 7:15 p.m., depending on the number of attendees." Or you can WRITE no later than August 17 to A. McPherson, AICP, Environmental Planner, City of San Diego Development Services Center, 1222 First Avenue, San Diego 92101. Or EMAIL no later than August 17 to using the following project name: "Amendments to the Land Development Code and the City's Local Coastal Program - Spectrum Act Wireless Communications Facilities." Your elected officials plan to gut local zoning and environmental protections to conform to wireless industry-friendly demands of the FCC and this DSD meeting is the first step.
— August 9, 2015 11:27 a.m.