Comments by monaghan

San Diego Unified scores mine-resistant Army truck

Visduh, our time together on the same wavelength is over. You are caught up in some rescue fantasy, just like Captain Joe Florentino, now that school cops have acquired this ridiculous military apparatus. You both engage in wishful thinking, but that armored truck meant to carry soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan will never serve a good purpose in San Diego public schools. More weaponry is not necessarily better defense when it comes to education. Logistics alone, noted by Captain Obvious, make the armored behemoth a useless dinosaur. And yes, I do remember long-ago shooter Brenda Spencer who "hated Mondays" and killed a school principal. The new armored vehicle would not have changed a thing about that tragedy. You have forgotten that only last month a fully-militarized Ferguson Mo. police force turned a single incident into a total disaster. The issue is the message. Do responsible educators succumb to the national post-9/11 terror narrative by laying in supplies of excess military equipment at schools? How fragile is the peace that's envisioned when this is what they do? It falsely frightens and worries children and parents about daily school life. Thoughtful educators establish reasonable security at school sites with a helpful school police presence. And then they pay close attention, listen and respond to kids in their classes and around campus, with counselors and nurses and principals who know everyone in the school community personally. They communicate the timeless values of what school at its best is supposed to be. If somebody offered your school a free B-1 bomber, would you take it? I doubt that you would. Somebody ought to send the school district's Mine Resistant Ambush Protection Vehicle back to Texas where it belongs.
— September 9, 2014 9:02 p.m.

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