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Jacobs backs Tuck

Matt Potter presents Irwin Jacobs' support for Marshall Tuck for Superintendent of Public Instruction in simplistic Us vs.Them terms to rile up the Readership. This is an important election that deserves serious attention. Potter drags in Jacobs' unfortunate local ventures but does not focus on this education race as it relates to education outcomes. Personally, I am voting for Marshall Tuck as a genuine education reformer. His opponent Tom Torlakson is a business-as-usual favor-trading pol. Electing Marshall Tuck to State Superintendent of Public Instruction could mean an end to the chokehold of the powerful California Teachers Association -- the richest lobby in all Sacramento with more money to spend even than Big Oil -- over the way California public schools have been run for the last 40 years. CTA is architect and guardian of the longstanding California trade-off that leaves students out in the cold: highest teacher pay in the nation in return for largest class sizes in the nation and near-lowest amount spent per pupil among all 50 states. Terrible. Disastrous for most of California's kids. Do we want more of same? I don't think so. Marshall Tuck believes in public education and has worked in inner-city Los Angeles to establish successful Green Dot charter schools to benefit children. Current State Supe Tom Torlakson is a termed-out state legislator, one-time-teacher-turned-politician and tool of the California Teachers Association. Torlakson is a placeholder for CTA and is seeking a second term. All of Torlakson's political campaigns have been heavily financed by the cash-rich CTA. Voters who want to see positive change actually benefit public school students support Marshall Tuck for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Tuck believes that well-run charter schools have a place in the public school mix, as charters are permitted by state law and work well when managed well. Look at our own Preuss School at UCSD, Gompers Academy, High Tech High and Einstein Academy. Charter school numbers are growing because parents in many communities, especially inner cities, are desperate for something better for their children than places like the scandalous MiraMonte Elementary in Los Angeles which led to the Vergara lawsuit. Marshall Tuck is an intelligent good man, not a hack. If Irwin Jacobs is supporting Tuck's campaign -- modestly, by the way -- there are many worse things in this complicated world of strange bedfellows. Tuck is an independent thinker, but he needs money to counter the CTA blitz. Irwin Jacobs has long had an interest in public education and, in this instance, his interest in well-founded.
— October 7, 2014 12:47 p.m.

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