Two lawyers walk into a swamp...

Few humans are perfect, including crusading idealistic lawyers and their biologist spouses who wait to be married until their LGBT friends have the same rights. I'm not sure "asleep at the switch" applies to Attorney Briggs here -- more like blindsided, angry and in need of a no-mistakes killer-lawyer of his own. And then we have "inewsource," a newish online arm of SDSU's media operation run by former U-T big-wigs, along with its public radio/TV twin KPBS -- both funded by public contributions (from little listeners) that are disclosed along with serious large$$e from special interests whose big gifts to SDSU's Campanile Foundation get laundered into the two media enterprises run by SDSU. Corey Briggs is an environmental attorney and zealot who long has been a thorn in the side of hoteliers, developers and other special interests who would like to see him disappeared, much like liberal fallen former Mayor Bob Filner whom, ironically, Briggs himself publicly denounced for sexist behavior in office. Still, SDSU's KPBS and inewsource have worked unusually closely with City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, an establishment GOP stalwart, and all three have figured prominently in the orchestrated take-downs of Filner and now Briggs. I don't believe inewsource is a reputable credible objective news agency. It unethically develops "stories" at vulnerable subjects' expense (like last Fall's "Impossible Choice" series) and then hustles "awards" to justify them and to satisfy powerful funders who finance the whole shebang -- inewsource, KPBS and San Diego State. Nonetheless, Briggs now has become snarled in a slew of inewsource allegations, findings and protestations and Briggs has fired back. We'll see if he can extricate himself from the mess and continue his work in the public interest.
— April 24, 2015 6:27 p.m.

Clinton Democrats back Issa staffer tour

Perhaps not GOP Congressman Issa himself, but those who are "Ready for Hillary" can look forward to hearing more ideas like those described here coming from the Bill Clinton Progressive Policy Institute. Like the head of Bill's think tank, then-Senator Hillary Clinton also voted for war in Iraq. As First Lady, she supported her husband's North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which dealt a permanent blow to American-made anything. Doubtless Hillary will support the Transpacific Trade Partnership (TTP) being fast-tracked now by Obama so there can be no legislative tweaking of its far-reaching provisions by anyone in Congress. But Hillary hasn't been put on the spot about this topic just yet: she is still traveling and "listening,"not speaking. But we will look forward to comparing Clinton's own ideas for "modernizing Progressive politics for the global age" with those from her husband's policy center. As a reminder of Clinton's NAFTA past and the possible Obama TTP to come, it was announced in the LA Times last weekend that Ford Motor Co. "will spend $2.5 billion to build and expand engine and transmission factories in the Mexican states of Chihuahua and Guanajuato, creating 3,800 jobs." Nice for our Mexican brothers. This story mentioned that American assembly plant workers earn an average $27.78 an hour compared to $5.64 an hour for their Mexican counterparts. And American auto parts suppliers average $19.65 per hour versus $2.47 per hour for their Mexican equivalents. Way back when, Presidential candidate Ross Perot said NAFTA would cause a "great sucking sound" of American jobs heading South of the border. And so it continues.
— April 21, 2015 6 p.m.

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