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Stadium, convention center lies you will hear

If the cost to keep the Chargers in San Diego is hundreds of millions of our tax dollars, then that cost is too high. Let them go. But, oddly, the chargers carp and whine and complain like they have for YEARS... yet they aren't going anywhere. Study after study after study has proven that public funding of sports stadia is ALWAYS a net loser for the taxpayer. And it isn't hard to understand why... whatever amount of economic activity can be DIRECTLY attributed to a new stadium is not what we need to look at... maybe 10% of that figure is, as that's what gets left on the table as taxes and actual revenue. If you take, say, $750 million and amortize that over 30 years with interest, how much is the annual debt service? Far more than the actual dollars the City pulls in. You can't argue on the one side that we should count all sorts of nebulous "economic benefits" as revenue when you can't use those dollars to actually pay the debt on the other side. Further, why is it that when the taxpayers fought up the majority of the funding for a football stadium, there's never a big break for the taxpayers? Much lower ticket prices, discounted parking, affordable concessions. No... we're expected to pay for most of it, and then we're expected to pay full freight for attending games. And that's simply a non-styarter. So, no on public funding for a new stadium. The Chargers are extremely profitable, they can afford to buy land and build their own stadium. Let those who want the Chargers around pay for them. Let the Chargers raise prices, institute a PSL, sell bonds, hold a bake sale, whatever, so everyone who wants to keep them around can directly support their team. But leave me out of it. I don't care. I'll happily watch them on TV from LA or Timbuktu.
— September 24, 2014 4:14 p.m.

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