Lame jobs, though

No employers is "making profits off of low wage low benefit workers". That implies that a job is "worth" a certain amount, and the employers is just paying less, and everyone goes along because... why? The fact is, an awful lot of jobs simply are not worth a lot of money. And when you have a huge unskilled uneducated labor force, there's a lot of competition for the jobs they can do, and that pushes wages down. That isn't by some nefarious design, it's supply and demand. On the other side of that coin, there are a lot of jobs that requires skills and education, but many people simply are not prepared or qualified to take them. That's where the H1-Bs come in. I know a lot of people believe that companies are getting rid of "fairly-paid" Americans and replacing them with slave-wage Indians, but that simply isn't the case... when was the last time a government program provided ANYTHING that was a better deal than a free market? The fact is, a lot of Americans have an entitlement mentality and believe they belong at the top of the wage scale without actually showing the results to earn that. A lot of Americans are spoiled, OVERPAID, and are looking to do the minimum necessary. Meanwhile, the imported workers are largely wiling to do what needs to be done, and aren't bolting for the door at 4 o'clock. I see job openings very literally ALL THE FREAKING TIME that pay well and have great benefits, but sit unfilled because we very literally cannot find someone who's qualified, who hasn't made themselves ineligible with bad decisions, and who shows up for an interview properly prepared. I've reviewed hundreds of resumes and conducted dozens of interviews to fill less than a handful of spots, and some of our hires have been "compromises" or speculative.
— November 21, 2015 10:20 a.m.

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