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Wired for sound

I would like to add here that although I did list the Casbah as being involved in a direct, potentially bloody feud to the death with The Observatory, it is in fact the case that the Casbah's booking operation is responsible for many of the fantastic shows heading to The Observatory this year. The same benefit will be felt by The Irenic, Soda Bar, The Belly Up and others as well. Perhaps the situation here is more akin to the scenario involving the New Day Co-Op on The Wire. In this scenario, The Casbah would assume the dueling roles of both Proposition Joe and Baltimore's out of town heroin suppliers (The Greeks). On The Wire, the level-headed Proposition Joe ("Prop Joe" as he was lovingly referred to as by his numerous colleagues) created the Co-Op in order to reduce the on-going violence between rival neighborhood gangs (San Diego venues) which was resulting in too much incursion by the local cops. I guess the cops cracking down on these operations doesn't really fit here, since booking rock bands in San Diego isn't nearly as illegal as selling heroin in Baltimore is. One could argue that a long-dormant local statute that forbids the booking of rock bands would make the entire city of San Diego the equivalent of the Hamsterdam experiment on Season Three of The Wire, but the likelihood of this being true is obviously only 60 percent at best. In other words, the local police aren't ignoring laws by allowing rock shows to be booked since so many people are already addicted to booking rock shows. There is no chronic "booking rock shows" epidemic that has ruined the lives of thousands of the citizens in this fine city. No stray bullet has taken out an innocent grandmother when a booking agent miscalculated his aim during a drive-by and just missed the rival venue owner who was on his phone with the manager of Grizzly Bear regarding "squeezing in a date between Phoenix and LA." The only individual I can think of in this city that has been horribly affected by the booking of rock bands is that one person in Hillcrest that relentlessly called the cops to complain about the volume of the live bands at the (now closed) San Diego Sports Club. That person's life was definitely negatively affected by the booking of rock bands. Back to the matter at hand, the moral to this comment is that The Observatory and The Casbah play nice. They are more Frog and Toad than Hulk Hogan and The Iron Sheik. More Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder than Optimus Prime and Megatron. And, yes, even more Lester and McNulty than Avon and Marlo.
— March 9, 2015 10:35 a.m.

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