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SeaWorld's Cheap Trick booking dries up

ELO Orcas.
— December 11, 2013 11:22 p.m.

I Hate Music, by Superchunk

Fountains of Wayne have quite a solid back catalog of songs, and, unfortunately, "Stacey's Mom" ain't one of them. This album veers more in the direction of Mac's solo Portastatic output, which is more in line with all the underground outfits who have, for years, been trying to write the perfect three minute pop song. Fountains of Wayne would have been one of these bands had it not been for "Stacey's Mom" co-opting this formula all too well and catapulting them well above the underground. Other bands mining similar territory would be Teenage Fanclub, Superdrag, The Minus 5, the New Pornographers, Sloan, etc etc. As for Superchunk, I bought No Pocky For Kitty after I saw the video for "Throwing Things" on MTV 120 Minutes circa 1991 and was immediately enthralled. This was a band that forged the missing link between the heaviness of the SST bands I worshiped (Descendents/Husker Du/Black Flag) and the college rock bands I would grow to adore. Like it or not though, this album is a far cry from the edginess of No Pocky For Kitty or On The Mouth. Comparing them to Fountains of Wayne certainly wasn't meant as a slag, but I guess to people who will always hate this outfit it comes across that way. Fountains Of Wayne do currently put out records on Yep Roc though, which does give them at least a teeny-tiny bit of indie-rock cred. I'm sure there are at least a couple of outfits on Yep Roc that Mac wouldn't mind having in his stable O' bands.
— August 24, 2013 4:59 p.m.

Take a Hikey, Mikey

"I wish everyone on the Mikey Show Facebook pages that agreed with me would comment here. We would take up all of the San Diego Readers server storage space." M1, take a deep breath, replace "The Mikey Show" with "The Real World/Road Rules Challenge" and "the San Diego Reader's" with "MTV Networks" and you will get the idea. You are an adult but your tactics reflect those of a 13 year old girl. At some point, nearly everyone is going to have to deal with a show they love getting the can. The key is to cherish the good memories and move on with life. When Comedy Central cancelled Mystery Science Theater 3000 in the mid-90s I was distraught. I loved this show! So much so that I signed every online petition to get it back on the air that I could track down on the internets. Eventually myself, and my fellow pre-historic interneters, prevailed and The Sci-Fi Network brought back the program...and it stunk. Upon further reflection, it was obvious the show had peaked a couple years prior. I am sure, at the time, the ratings reflected this but, being a rabid fan, I refused to acknowledge the elephant in the room. M1 you may not see the elephant in the room right now but eventually you will. The Mikey Show was past its prime and no matter how great of a person Mikey was, his show wasn't delivering the goods to keep him on the air. HBO recently cancelled "Luck" because a third horse died during the shooting for the second season. After a lil' protest from Peta HBO pulled the plug on the program with little hesitation. It is of note here that the ratings for "Luck" stunk. HBO would have, literally, gone to war with Peta if they had tried to cancel "Game of Thrones" for the same reason. They would have driven tanks through the Peta corporate offices before they pulled the plug on their ratings juggernaut. Even if "Game of Thrones" had killed the only three remaining live dragons left on Earth (Note: If you don't watch "Game of Thrones" this portion of the argument may not make sense)during the filming of their second season, HBO would have spewed forth a press-release stating that the "dragons died for a noble cause" and the show would have remained in production. The lesson here is that if The Mikey Show was still bringing in the same RADIO listener numbers that it did while it was on 105.3, and the same potential advertising revenue, it would without a doubt still be going strong today. You can continue to micro-analyze and critique the comments people are making on here which paint Mikey as anything less than a saint but it will make little difference regarding the big picture. The events which lead to Mikey's departure from 105.3 were obviously driven by greed, and the events which lead to his departure from 94/9 were most certainly driven by the same.
— March 19, 2012 3:25 p.m.

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