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Stay away from PB

It's funny how some people seem to think that "share the road" means that bicyclists have to stay out of their way. In other words, in their view, bicyclists are only allowed to use the road if they can keep up with traffic. Otherwise, they don't get to use the road. That's no sharing under any definition that I am aware of. The vast overwhelming majority of the time, the only thing that you have to do is move over to pass. If you think that you are being impeded when you can move over to pass, then again, you need to consult your favorite dictionary and learn what the word "impede" means. BTW, the courts have repeatedly found that faster traffic is not being impeded when it can move over to pass slower traffic. I know that changing lanes is challenging for some people, but those people shouldn't be driving. Changing lanes is a basic driving skill that's required for all drivers. When I'm driving, I rarely have to slow down for bicyclists. Usually the most I have to deal with is just moving over to pass. On the rare occasions that I have to slow down, it's usually just for a few seconds. I've never been slowed down for more than about a minute by bicyclists. Motorists, on the other hand, slow me down every single time that I drive. They even slow me down when I'm riding my bike. I do follow the rules of the road. Unlike most motorists, I even signal turns and lane changes consistently. Unlike the majority of motorists, I obey the speed limit. Unlike most motorists I yield to pedestrians at all marked and unmarked crosswalks even if there isn't a stop sign or red light to go with that crosswalk. You need to get over the childish delusions that the roads are your exclusive territory and that bicyclists have to stay out of your way. You move over to pass absolutely all other slow traffic on the road that isn't bicycles. Why do you think it's different when it's a bicycle?
— March 26, 2014 10:37 a.m.

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