No Shushing in This Library

as a former employee of the SDPL - I found a few errors in the story but I am glad that someone has taken the time to speak for the librarys -- error 1 - libriarians don't shhh anymore -- in the 11 years i worked in the system every librarian I know struggled to let the library be a place where the kids could have fun, but not too much, and people who want to study could as well-- it is a difficult balance for staffs to maintain - esspecially when they are loosing staff and hours as they have been in the last few years error 2- donna Frys saying if they could get a one page report on the librarys -- they can -- just ask the branch manager -- they do monthly reports each month to report the statis of the library - if the city council is having problems getting these maybe they need to go and meet the library staff in their district i don't think going to 1 or 2 libraries is too much toa ask-- maybe even check out a book or dvd -- in the 11 years i worked for the system I saw maybe 2 council members who were regulars at the librarys -- the rest if they ever showed up it was only fo events they thought would get them on the news the SDPL is one of the finest places I have ever worked and it it filled with great people who care about the service they provide-- so thank them next time your in -- because they probably just spent 20 minutes arguingwith someone over a $.25 fine -- give them a break -- they are there to help you
— March 2, 2009 3:16 p.m.

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