Sweetwater district sued from Texas

Elevation - interesting name - to elevate means to rise to a higher level. In this case we continue to be told of all of the big news that is about to drop any second - yet there is a failure to launch. No doubt the African American judge you 'claim' to know might not take too kindly to the insinuation. Regarding Mr. Bleisch - my personal opinion perhaps it is time for him to come to the realization it is time to move on. The story fails to tell of the ELEMENTARY Charter school that Ed Brand ( big white guy ) put on the then Bleisch campus - and what happened to the then MIDDLE school Special Ed students whose Facilties were taken from them? The Special Ed students called CPM home, yet they mattered little in the world of Mr. Brand and those who sought to please him. When all else fails why not throw the 'race' card. Correct me if I am wrong but the then Superintendent Ed Brand appeared to support Mr. Bleisch, like a fair hair child, that is until the alleged investigation. Correct me if I am wrong but I could have sworn Bertha Lopez, as in 'LOPEZ' was Latina - hmmm, and it was Lopez who was the only Board member who listened to and then stood with the antagonists (yes she did plead guilty) - when you know better, you do better, AND SHE DID JUST THAT). Your case is crumbling,,,,,, Your allegation of Lopez failing to tell her fellow Board members - well, let just say that is the case - can you blame her? When did they ever listen to her? - please review Board docs audio. Now onto Susan Luzzaro - NEVER HAS INVESTIGATION REPORTING RESULTED IN SO MANY CONVICTIONS - and yet here you are claiming all Bleisch's problems were Luzzaro related. WOW!!!! Luzzaro, via her fact driven reporting, was instrumental in educating the taxpaying community - hey, she laid the facts out there. I guess the 'largest corruption case in San Diego history' being centered around Bond dollars in our local school districts matters little to you. Now onto Ms. Luzzaro being forced to 'give up her sources' - well it is obvious you are not an educator - EVER HEARD OF FREEDOM OF THE PRESS? Her 'sources' are legally protected. The monies spent on tshirts, stages and paint - reprehensible!!!!!! THE CPM STUDENTS DESERVED THOSE TAX DOLLARS BE SPENT IN THE CLASSROOM - NOT TO IMPRESS SOME DC BEUROCRAT!!!!!!!!!! Those commenters you listed, hey, I thought you were the one who claimed you had broken the code, you knew who they were? You speak of 'what the attorney knows' - might you be Mr. Bleisch himself? Regardless one thing about attorneys - one of the first things they tell clients 'loose lips sink ships' and 'in my opinion' elevation you may have just begun to scuddle the Bleish law suit ship. ** as always the comments above are JUST my personal opinions AND we all know what they say about opinion - right 'elevation'?
— September 14, 2015 8:33 a.m.

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