Comments by anniej

Quinones, Ricasa, Cartmill, Cabello weigh pleas vs. fighting

Channel 7 39 did a segment in which Mr. Brand spoke of us as a 'family' that is in the middle of a squabble (like all families do). If Jim Cartmill and John McCann think that 'same ole story is going to fly' to squelch the negative press and outrage of the parents they are sadly mistaken. IF I were a part of the Jim Cartmill and John McCann family, with the two of them as parents I WOULD IMMEDIATELY FILE FOR EMANCIPATION!!!!!!! According to documents provided to the community there is one more mediation meeting scheduled, according to John McCann and Jim Cartmill's 'papa' (Brand) mediation has ended and that is why 'papa' is allowed to discuss it. We, the community want lower class sizes, and I am not talking about averaging the class sizes. We want a limit on the number of students in each and every class room. Brand promised a cap before - so explain 40+ in a class - the old average trick. John McCann and Jim Cartmill this is YOUR responsibility, you were voted in to correct this problem and you have failed!!!! Jim Cartmill and John McCann, when are you going to come to the realization that what Brand is selling you, is NOT being bought by ANYONE in this community. More flyers at graduations? Signs telling the real story of Jim Cartmill and John McCann - McCann had better get his little red camera charged up - this time we will have ours too - can see it now front page pic of McCann sitting in his car snapping pics of the community activists while they advise voters NOT TO VOTE FOR HIM or Jim Cartmill ever again. All of those McCann signs all over Chula Vista, now the butt of many jokes - how many signs does it take for McCann to be elected? None, voters will be voting in integrity not little red signs!!!!!!
— March 27, 2014 5:26 p.m.