Only a fence between them

CVsincethe70s - well, I have been here since the 60's ( see being old does count for something ). The area they are looking to put the high school charter in is MY COMMUNITY. I had NO knowledge of this happening and consider myself pretty well informed. It is obvious this proposal was NOT well advertised to the community, say what you may about sign in sheets and records. We have seen what another local school district did with their charter list and meetings (SUHSD) - I was in attendance at that fiasco. On the subject of Mr. Tamayo - while historically I was not a fan of his I have been MORE THAN IMPRESSED with his actions as a CV Board member. As stated above if C.V. wants a high school Charter - then buy the land and build it. While our community may not be considered wealthy - hard working does not equate to being ignorant. Unfortunately I will be in attendance at a SUHSD meeting or I would be there to stand against the Charter. Regarding Ms. Luzzaro, well, all I can say is she got the ball rolling on the 'questionable dealings' in a couple other Districts in the So Bay mainly Sweetwater, with Southwestern running a close second and San Ysidro pulling up the rear - 18 indictments later SUHSD has an entire new Board. For the record - 'we are sick and tired and simply not going to take being taken advantage of - our children's education and safety are far too important to us'. Say what you may about us but bottom line WE WILL BE RESPECTED!!!!!!!
— February 25, 2015 10:53 p.m.