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Standardized tests shunned by South Bay parents

Bvasvasva - John Brickley - two people I respect greatly. Two educated, successful people who have different opinions - two people who continue to work to bring about positive change for OUR STUDENTS. TWO PEOPLE WE SHOULD ALL BE PROUD TO CALL NEIGHBOR. Regarding the 'testing' issue, I too believe Bbasvasva we can not sugar coat life, however I do not believe that teaching to 'the test' or students being barraged with one State/Federal test after another equates to education. Testing is part of education, I get that and agree it is a necessity. However, when it takes the place of innovative thinking, individual teaching methods, and interesting styles - that is where I draw the line. My Grandson who is an excellent student and avid reader (has read over 1,000 books) finds little value in one test after another. As Mr. Brickley stated not all students are college bound. Lesser the students? NO! Vocational Education is a much needed choice for young adults. We need trades being taught in our schools. We have high schools that offer a variety of options, why not a High School that incorporates Voc Ed? Woodshop, Auto Shop, Electrical, Plumbing, Masonary all offered in one location where like minded future tradesmen and women can celebrate their uniqueness. I am not as educated as I should be on Common Core, perhaps due to the fact I have been entrenched in anti corruption and the fiduciary irresponsibility of the SUHSD. I have spoken to several 'new, young, motivated, excited' teachers I know very well and they are celebrating Common Core. My primary concern is the fact that to expect students to alter their learning processes late in their educational life may very well have devastating effects. That is why I don't believe it should be rolled out in the Middle and High School years. I am hearing from ALL teachers I have spoken to in the SUHSD that they have NOT seen the educating of themselves on Common Core that Sweetwater should have provided. So I will end the conversation with the question: WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT MONEY?????
— April 11, 2014 8:35 a.m.