Comments by anniej

McCann's plan a sham?

Well folks, as if it can't get any more BIZARRE. Rumors are running rampant - John McCann will be holding a press conference today to announce he is suing ----? I am guessing here that he is not liking all of those mailers C.V. residents are receiving? The mailers that detail the 'gandara' contract. The mailers that offer proof of the campaign donations he took. And a few more. So, tell me who is 'managing' McCann's campaign? Do they not realize that this alleged interview is going to stir the interests of the voters - no doubt they will pull out their tablets "let's take a look here, who is this guy?, did he or didn't he"? There it will be for all researching to see THE TRUE REFLECTION OF JOHN MCCANN - the bad,the ugly and the very questionable decisions of the man who promised so much and delivered so little! AND,,,,,,,, what do you want to bet that somewhere in the interview he will 'use' the fact that he is a Vet? While we appreciate his service, we are SICK TO DEATH OF HEARING ABOUT IT OUT OF HIS MOUTH!!!!!! My Dad too was a vet - as a retired 40+ Vet he volunteered to go BACK to Vietnam because he was a Corpsman and believed the young boys (of my generation) needed medics on the field. NOT ONCE, did my Dad EVER 'use' what he did - as a matter of fact, truth be told, I have never heard any Vet use their service like this guy. NO, Vets I know, while proud to have served, want no recognition - they did it because it was the right thing to do for the Country they love. What I would like to hear from McCann is a list of fulfilled promises that he kept - with supporting data of course. And I am not referring to the hard work of the teachers that reflect improved test scores. NO, I WANT TO KNOW WHAT PROMISES HE HONORED - and I have a toothpick he could write them on - no doubt there will be room left over. Just my opinion
— October 16, 2014 11:12 a.m.

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