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Pimp hand strong in Chula

Thinking out loud here - about the forums. - why will valuable time be wasted on educating the community on the scandals? The scandals/court cases are settled. We should be focusing on building a new foundation, the old foundation has been jack hammered. Telling adults alleged corruption has existed in the SUHSD - not following. - will part of the agenda be to address or identify issues real, current issues? - voters are interested in asking their own questions. Let's see how the candidates do when asked questions on issues without the benefit of preparing a script. If you want to engage the public allow the public the opportunity draft their own questions. Prepared questions will tell us little about the work the candidate has done in educating themself on the issues or their commitment to serve vs. use. Again I say it is imperative that we all vet our candidates. I am not interested in bios - I personally am interested in WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO FOR THE STUDENTS OF THE ''''''ENTIRE''''''' SUHSD - regardless of the area they reside. I realize there are issues that affect one area that does not affect others, but in the end we are all neighbors, and should be as vested in other areas concerns as we are our own. While I value eastlaker's, oskidoll's, barbq's, Maty Adato's and others opinions - I will vet my candidate based on my research, their vision for much needed improvement and based on what the candidates plans are to bring all parties together, for the good of the future leaders of this country.
— August 27, 2014 3:37 p.m.

Pimp hand strong in Chula

The candidates in this election do not serve as a positive reflection of The Lincoln Club. Lincoln Club members and the relationship to the SUHSD board of old - you mean the one that had 4 of 5 indicted? There is an old favorite of Kenny Rogers - 'you gotta know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em'. Supporting John McCann, that alone should shed light on the Lincoln Club's endorsements. John McCann who COULD HAVE sent Jesus Gandara packing - remember he did allegedly have a second legal opinion advising him of such that he failed to share with the other Board members - one that stated 'the Gandara' could have been fired for cause thereby negating that sweet huge sum of money Gandara left with. John McCann who had legal letters sent to certain community members and news organizations advising them to cease and desist. Doesn't the Constitution protect the right of free speech? John McCann and his infamous little red camera - who filmed certain community members who spoke out at the Hilltop meeting - kind of bizarre. John McCann who called for the police departments assistance to come to his aid AT A FREAKIN' BOARD MEETING when a certain well respected community member had the audacity to pull one of McCann's ill placed campaign signs up and then refer to it at the Board meeting. One would think a candidate would know the rules of candidacy. John McCann, yes the same John McCann who CONSISTENTLY voted with the pack of Jim Cartmill, Pearl Quinones and Arlie Ricasa - (hmmmm, remember all of those promises in 2010 when he vowed to clean up the SUHSD Board?). Yet he consistently found himself of like mind with them, when casting his vote. How many reading this have asked him about the SUHSD Property situation, you know where we are giving away 33% of the profits? Those profits, are our tax dollars. While he will tell you 'when I was in the Council we cautioned the District against it' - yet try and find where he spoke up at District Board meetings PRIOR to Ed Brand being shown the door. Oh that is right McCann brought Brand back, even after Brand left the first time under the cloud of a Grand Jury conspiracy. John McCann brags about his efforts on the Sweetwater Board and what he has done - pray tell ask him this question - 'why did you join forces with Jim. Cartmill, Arlie Ricasa and Pearl Quinones in condemning those who sought out the help of the FBI and DA - you know 'the antagonists' aka CAVE people. One would think Mr. McCann would have welcomed their efforts with open arms and JOINED THEM - I mean they and others efforts did result in 18 indictments. And finally perhaps some of you who back Mr. McCann should ask him why he NEVER QUESTIONED Ed Brand sicking a PI on me - a 64 year old grandmother who dared to question Board and Superintendent(S) decisions regarding the Property issues. Interestingly enough even the District hired PI believed me. Hmmmmm Just my opinions
— August 24, 2014 4:16 p.m.

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