Comments by anniej

Land sakes, Sweetwater, get it together

Speaking as a commoner I must say if Tom Calhoun is not given his walking papers YESTERDAY then we are doomed. Under what premise does an 'employee', paid with our tax dollars, take it upon himself to take action with complete disregard to those WE HAVE VOTED INTO OFFICE. The old Board is not there for a reason, they did not conduct business in the best interest of the communities students or taxpayers, resulting in their BEING OUSTED VIA THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM OR OUR VOTE. One does not need an interpreter to realize Tom Calhoun has assumed all control - new Board, no concern of his. The County Board of Ed SOLD US DOWN THE RIVER WITHOUT A PADDLE, and continue to influence - HOW, WHY????? During last nights Board committee meeting, attended by Mr. Pike and Ms. Hall, Mr. Calhoun attempted to address the property issue, it was agendized - Ms. Hall made it crystal clear with the words 'WE ARE NOT TAKING ABOUT THAT HERE, IT IS A BOARD DECISION' (paraphrasing). She then asked Mr. Calhoun about the notification for Thursday night meeting on the Districts website - she was concerned about the wording as she had received calls from several concerned citizens. She pressed, she wanted to know who wrote it - Mr. Calhoun's response 'the City and BRG' - so there you have it folks BUSINESS IS BEING HANDLED OUTSIDE THE BOARDS PREVIEW - IS THIS ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR - if not, then I respectfully ask that you communicate your opinions to those involved. Look, we can sit here and simply bang away on our keyboards OR WE CAN SHOW UP, STAND UP AND DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY. Can we all stand together and demand integrity and transparency. Tom Calhoun has shown us the little regard he has for our choice of new Board members - he is acting as if they fail to exist. He is telling us, in his own defiant way, he could care less that we want to know the TRUTH about what is going on - The County Board of Ed, John McCann - they voted on this issue in November - ONE MONTH BEFORE OUR NEW BOARD TOOK OFFICE - does that not raise red flags to you? THERE IS SOMETHING GOING ON HERE, SOME SECRET THEY ARE TRYING TO HIDE - Well folks..........
— February 4, 2015 1:23 p.m.

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