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Condition: bleak

An item that was mentioned at last weeks Bond Oversight Committee was the potential to float a new tax on the west side. Let me be clear - under the current state of the Facilities Dept. in this District I simply could not, in good faith, support such a plan. I believe we should all pay our fair share, however with the mismanagement and smoke blowing that I have seen and continue to see - my vote would be NO. Schools built using outdated plans, Change Orders, deterioration of schools due to lack of maintenance, finger pointing (not my fault, it is his/hers), lack of respect of the worker bees towards those that are in charge - I could go on and on. Let me offer a reference that warrants my concerns - the 2007 Prop O Audit that ITEMIZES the work that was suppose to be done with our Prop O monies - a Master Plan done and presented to the community - GIVE US NEW TAXES THIS IS WHAT WE WILL DO - well the old Management Company failed us and the current manageMENT has and is failing us. Under the intial Master Plan Deferred Maintenance was SUPPOSE to a priority, the fire alarms were suppose to be a PRIOROTY - failure to execute. What has the management of this department done - well he hired a Consultant at the cost of 390k even though the Board had initially approved 300k - but alas, this to has been a continuing major issue - the NEVER ENDING CHANGE ORDERS - and guess what folks that 390k has the potential to grow even larger. SlickEddy - yes, I have been nominated as public enemy number 1 by some. Whining that 'I done know what I did to her, but she just doesn't like me' - 'she does not know what she is talking about'. Well,,,,,,,, there is big difference between the words like and trust AND trust me anniej does not speak of what she has not researched and she ALWAYS has documentation to support.
— January 18, 2015 9:17 a.m.

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