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Sweetwater land deals — the beef goes on

There are questions raised here that simply SHOULD be answered by Superintendent Glover and the County people. *. Why is Mr. Diamond REFUSING to answer the questions: is this agreement in effect and/or - are you, Mr. Diamond intending on FORCING the District to honor the agreement signed by Ms. Russo? (Legal recourse). These are questions we deserve an answer to. There is a large majority who is looking to seek legal representation and hold. Ed Brand, Dianne Russo, and any/all Board members who had knowledge of this deal that was hidden from the taxpaying public. *. Why, after ridding this community of its previous Board members and Supers is Superintendent Glover and the County Board folk allowing Tom Calhoun to circumvent Ed Code (noted in the article)? These are legitimate questions that are being ignored. We are hearing that there will be meetings that will allow the community the opportunity to be advised of what THEY HAVE ALREADY DONE - UNACCEPTABLE, we have waited long enough and to NO avail. We are past dog and pony shows, we are sick of 'be patient and trust we will do the right thing.' NO YOU HAVEN'T - within their first two meetings they signed a 10 year lease with an additional 10 year option for a new District office on the east side. When the issue of transportation was raised the response 'there is a bus stop right down the street'. Are you kidding me, a little arrogant wouldn't you say? Last week they raised Mello, even after clearly stating that perhaps, since they did not reside here or pay taxes here, that perhaps it was not the right thing to do. Concerns are raised regarding change orders on construction and they are ignored. Now this is a 'personal' opinion - I believe that the new County folk are scared to death that the true financials would expose just how bad things are. I believe they have been sold a bill of goods that if 'you just vote for all of these expenditures and increases' no one will ever know - perhaps they believe in their heart of hearts they are protecting us. Well, with all due respect we do not need protection we need THE FREAKIN' TRUTH. It is clear, it is preferred that we not bother the Board with major issues. We are reading the message loud and clear; WE HAVE BEEN THRU THIS DRILL BEFORE. Antagonists gotta do what they gotta do - and we are going to do just that - are you reading between the lines?
— July 23, 2014 9:18 p.m.

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