San Diego has had its Volkswagen-type scandals

Don, you do a piece of reporting, and are once again excoriated for it. Dewdney, whoever that is, in Ontario, says you misreported the story in many ways. These Reader blogs, by members of the staff, are often called biased or judgmental by commenters who just don't like the news. I can't think of a single instance when the reports were demonstrably false or generally inaccurate. In fact, the Reader seems to be more careful to get it right than its local rival, the Light News. But to the topic of VW, this scandal is huge, and isn't going to go away. Could it sink the world's largest auto manufacturer? That's hard to contemplate, but anything could happen. Heck, if any car builder was going to be brought down by its own mismanagement, I'd have said it would be GM, or maybe Ford. But just because some enterprise is really big and non-US doesn't guarantee it does everything right. Two years ago, I was seriously considering buying a VW Passat diesel. If I had one now, I would be very unhappy, not with the car or its performance, but with the corner-cutting that this company did to make it commercially viable. At least the company didn't keep trying to hide and/or deny the matter when it was finally revealed. That's a good step in the right direction. The troubling thing so far is the pitiful offer VW is making to its diesel owners, with a paltry $500 in cash, and some more in credit to be used. The only way to use the credit is to buy another VW product, and that's not what many irate owners will ever want to do again. So, we haven't heard the last of that at all. When VW modifies the software to comply with the emissions limit, and I'd suppose that all owners will be compelled to have it installed, the performance of the cars could be dismal. Then you'll have hell to pay, and class action lawsuits will be asking for full refunds/buybacks. Wow.
— November 12, 2015 8:08 a.m.

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