Shotgun Shela

The Highwayman's Rig: Totaled

To "MommasGirl" I am sorry that *you* felt it necessary to DO this -- on Christmas Eve, no less! But, being a "Devil's Advocate" I can see why you might believe *me* to be at fault -- when you looked in your rearview mirror, after hearing the crash behind you, you would have likely only seen *me* coming towards you from the rear -- as the driver, Debra, who *CAUSED* the crash veered back TO THE RIGHT and PASSED you on the right to stop a considerable distance further down the road ON the RIGHT side! -- You likely never even SAW her car -- My brakes were disabled by *that* crash - [ I didn't know that at the time ] and *THAT'S WHY I was inspecting the road surface after -- to see if there was something slick on it [ like spilled antifreeze from a possible eariler crash -- or some such ] I was puzzelled by my inability to avoid hitting *your* car, as I was NOT "speeding" at all but traveling "with the flow of traffic -- as I told you on the phone after, when I called to see if you were all right, i'm sorry you were involved - damaged because of the first drivers "SID" Selfish Ignorant Driving behaviour :( but *I* was NOT the *cause* of this crash -- SHE was! IF Beulah's dashcam had been ON, I would have had NO problem proving that -- BeCAUSE of that -- my Mercury's dash cam is ALWAYS ON when it's running and was able to catch *this* "SID"s simaler Selfish Ignorant behavior, that, luckily, did NOT result in a crash as I WAS able to avoid her by braking and going WITH her to the left to avoid being HIT from my rear by a vehicle that was following *me* TOO CLOSE! :p AGIN - I'm sorry you felt it necessary to DO what you DID on the EVE of my birthday no less!! I didn't get much sleep that night -- wonderin?? and THEN, I woke up Christmas mornin and saw *why* channel 10 ran the story -- THANK YOU Channel 10! I think you, Vicky, have held your mistaken angst for too long -- I forgive you.
— March 1, 2015 3:25 p.m.

Union-Tribune circulation takes a hit lookin for adventure -- NOT plastic wrapped advertizin circulars thrown in yards, driveways, on sidewalks, in the street -- EVERY Friday -- *THAT'S* called LITTERING! WHY is it ALLOWED?! It's pollution of the enviroment as hardly anyone reads it, much less picks it up, so it ends up in the gutters, washed into the storm drains, spreadin out over the wetlands where it harms the wildlife -- eventually reachin the OCEAN! *i* have a FULL trash can of these advertizin circulars from the UT -- collected from a ONE BLOCK SQUARE area over five weeks time! IMAGINE the impact of this "LITTER" over the WHOLE of San Diego County in just that time! WHY is this ALLOWED?!
— September 10, 2014 7:10 a.m.

San Diego's Highwayman STILL -- lookin fer adVENture -- "git yer motor runnin!"
— May 12, 2014 9:49 p.m.

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