Shotgun Shela

Union-Tribune circulation takes a hit lookin for adventure -- NOT plastic wrapped advertizin circulars thrown in yards, driveways, on sidewalks, in the street -- EVERY Friday -- *THAT'S* called LITTERING! WHY is it ALLOWED?! It's pollution of the enviroment as hardly anyone reads it, much less picks it up, so it ends up in the gutters, washed into the storm drains, spreadin out over the wetlands where it harms the wildlife -- eventually reachin the OCEAN! *i* have a FULL trash can of these advertizin circulars from the UT -- collected from a ONE BLOCK SQUARE area over five weeks time! IMAGINE the impact of this "LITTER" over the WHOLE of San Diego County in just that time! WHY is this ALLOWED?!
— September 10, 2014 7:10 a.m.

San Diego's Highwayman STILL -- lookin fer adVENture -- "git yer motor runnin!"
— May 12, 2014 9:49 p.m.

The Highwayman's Rig: Totaled

On inspection of my destroyed vehicle, it was found that the first impact's damage to it sheared the brake line to my master cylinder rendering my brakes useless thereafter -- In speakin w the driver of the first car on the phone, next day, 08/11/11, I asked what type of car her's was - that driver answered, and I QUOTE -- "an Acura TL type S -- the EXPENSIVE one!" She then asked me -- "is your vehicle a company vehicle? do you own a company? ??!!?? My insurance company informs me that this driver immediately hired attorneys -- I'll leave this to a reasonable person's conclusions ----------- I've never caused an a TC [ Traffic Collision ] IN MY LIFE and I sure as hell didn't cause THIS one! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MommasGirl - I'm going to assume you were the driver of the second car by yer comments here - and if that's so, I don't blame you for being upset -- BUT -- as you kin see by my statement above -- I was NOT the cause of this collision, but a victim of the first driver's SID [ Selfish Ignorant Driving ] maneuver -- as I told you on the phone, I sincerely regret that you were involved -- I'm sorry it "made yer day" to believe false "witness" from Mark S :( If you, MommasGirl, are in fact, the driver of the *first* car SHAME on YOU -- for yer Selfish Ignorant Driving actions that day and statements made here -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HuskerGirl -- whoever you are -- "embellishments?" -- an uninvolved *ACTUAL* witness is all that was asked for here -- I think FALSE witness and "embellishments" would more accurately apply to MarkS's so called "*witness*" statement ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Valerie Young" whoever you are? -- if your "friend" was driving a white work truck, it had nuthing to do w speeding and everything to do with reckless driving as he *caused* a non contact hit and run and did not stop to exchange info -- I reported the incident and description of the truck, driver and passenger, w licence # to 911 at the time, and if nothing came of it, he's lucky --
— April 16, 2013 3:33 p.m.

The Highwayman's Rig: Totaled

Now, to respond to comments made here -- by "MarkS" First off, NOTHING was asked for here except that an *uninvolved* witness come forward to give testimony. MarkS - in yer first post, you are a LIER! first in using a *false* name in yer postin second, in *falsely* claiming to be a "witness" you were NOT there, but I DO know who you are -- [ having spoken with you on the phone the evening of 08/10/11 ] third, in *falsely* stating I was involved w my phone or "texting" [ easily disproveable as I have NEVER texted in my LIFE, and I don't USE my phone while driving except in 911 emergencies. ] YOU sure backed up in a hurry on that one didn't ya!? forth, in *falsely* claiming I stated "it was *my* fault". [ never said that! ] I find yer comment bout my insurance tellin also -- I HAVE what the law requires -- what were you expecting? DEEP pockets from a "company car"? right interestin -- all I can say bout you, fella, is "the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree" As the dust settled, I went to the driver of the car directly in front of mine, who was getting out of her vehicle, and asked if she was OK? driver took off her jacket, laid it on the roof of her vehicle -- she stated she "didn't know" [ in my 40+ years of assistin accident victims, a reasonable answer ] I then went to the driver of the first car [ the one that *caused* the wreck ] -- this vehicle had stopped on the RS a considerable distance further down the road ] and asked same question. THAT driver *instantly* exclaimed "OH, my NECK!" -- I thereupon returned to my now destroyed vehicle and retrieved my first response bag to obtain instant cold packs from it that I activated one and placed it on the back of that driver's neck w instructions as to how to activate the second one if needed while waiting . I then went back to the driver of the second car to check, and that driver was standing talking with a uniformed officer of some jurisdiction, not CHP, so I performed traffic control [ slowing oncoming vehicles so there wouldn't be further crashes ] untill finally the CHP and fire-rescue arrived and took over -- Both other drivers were evaluated, transported, treated, and released -- I would have been too if I had agreed to -- All three vehicles were towed.
— April 16, 2013 3:31 p.m.