Shotgun Shela

The Highwayman's Rig: Totaled Just got an e-mail update from the man who's bringin my "Beulah" back from the dead -- she MAY be "ON THE ROAD AGIN" by August! that comes about, it'll have been 4 years since she was killed on the transistion from I-5 NB to SR 163 NB downtown -- I'm exCITED! To hear our "travelin theme song" click on the audio bar at the bottom of *this* site's video photo display "Born To Be Wild"! smile emoticon Thankee kindly Allen!
— June 8, 2015 7:39 p.m.

The Highwayman's Rig: Totaled notice the white "an Acura TL type S -- the EXPENSIVE one!" WAY down the road on the RS -- THAT'S the car that CAUSED this accident! Now ask yerself this -- *HOW* did IT get THERE?! and NOT be beTWEEN the second car [ Vicki's ] and mine? Debra Landry, I forgive you AND yer son Andrew -- but -- I won't forget :P
— June 8, 2015 5:52 p.m.

The Highwayman's Rig: Totaled

- Christmas eve - Message : I saw the recent story in regards to Thomas Weller " The Highwayman" and trying to get his car fixed. I was involved in that accident and what he claiming that happened that day is not true and I have the police reports to back it up. I'm frustrated that a man who is out there to help others only had the minimum insurance coverage of $5,000 and caused $30,511.41 in damages to 4 cars. He was in the wrong that day and caused a major accident that sent me to the hospital and for him to continue with the story that someone cut him off to get money out of San Diegan's is wrong. At the time of the accident he claimed there was oil on the road, which also the police showed was not true in the report. He was at total fault. I would like to see a story done to show the viewers the other side of the story. :confused: [​IMG] This woman WAS involved in the accident -- she was NOT the one that *caused* it, but, she mistakenly believed *I* did, apparently, :( I had waited --[ note the dates of the postings ] -- for nearly three years -- to add my *actual* "witness statement" to this -- anticipating that my testimony would exonarate me in court -- never got the chance -- insurance co didn't CARE who caused it - they just wanted to "settle" :mad: I was surprized, dismayed, hurt that this was aired Christmas eve -- unTILL -- I realized WHY channel 10 did it ;) FOR me :cool: I am SO honored to hear from SO MANY folks I've met beside the road in their times of trouble and SO many of my neighbors and passersby that I've had to "go wash my face" a number of times on readin these -- It remains to be seen if Beulah will ever be fit for service agin, But, while I am -- STILL HERE - -I will continue, to the best of my ability, with what I HAVE -- to assist those I encounter in trouble along the highways and byways of my travels -- AND -- if I may -- I ENCOURAGE others to DO so as well -- to the best of *their* abilities -- "On the Road" stories *here*
— March 10, 2015 6:55 a.m.

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