Comments by Maoomba

Advanced Degree in Gluten Free

Hi Eve, I'm with you on the "food shouldn't come from packages" idea. I'll take a naturally-delicious, home cooked meal over a pretend cupcake any day. I started removing gluten, dairy, and yeast from my diet because of allergies and sensitivities, but I've stayed on it because i feel good. My approach to gluten and dairy-free at is clean, wholesome food that is simple and not too spendy. We're already dealing with constraints, why add more reasons to stop eating healthily? The paleo approach is certainly a good one for purity (it focuses on the basics of fruit, veg, meat, nuts, and eggs, basically), but it also highly promotes meat; I also believe in eating GF whole grains and legumes. Anyway, that's my 2-cents.
— October 27, 2011 2:41 p.m.

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