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San Ysidro Trolley Station

Yellow cab drivers in Tijuana beat and rob an American tourist from San Diego TIJUANA, BC, February 23, 2017 - On the social networks there is a video circulating and a complaint against the Yellow cab drivers, where an American citizen, a resident of San Diego, is brutally beaten and robbed by members of the Yellow cab union, according to what can be seen in the video. Apparently, the victim was confused for an Uber driver. He showed photos of the bruises and attacks he suffered. He complained that last night he decided to cross into Tijuana via the El Chaparral border station. According to what the victim said, because of the kind of car he was driving, he thinks he was confused with being an Uber driver and then attacked by at least 10 Yellow cab drivers. In spite of his screams for help and desperation, he said, no police office approached as he was being attacked. In the video, which is 30 seconds long, one can see six people, one of them wearing the typical yellow shirt, and the rest with dark jackets, as the vicitm lay in the street a few meters away. The victim, who was wearing tan Bermuda shorts and a white shirt, was raising his hand to his face, checking how many hits he had received only seconds earlier. In the text of the complaint, the victim said those same yellow cab drivers took his wallet, cell phone and watch, and thanked a passerby who took photos and videos of the evidence. He repeated that in spite of people screaming for the municipal police to come help, nobody approached until the criminals had left the location. The American said that the Yellow cab drivers had not reason to even think he was an Uber driver, as his license plates were from California, which makes it illegal to provide such services on the Mexican side of the border and that there was a foreigner in the vehicle. The victim said he is an auto salesman at a well know dealership in San Diego, who also complained of the attitude of the Tijuana Municipal police who took his report of the attack, and said the municipal police "were angry and I did not feel safe with them." Finally, the victim of the attack, who has to recover from the large visible injuries to his face, said that "it is useless to file a complaint," and said he will not return to Mexico for a long, long time. http://www.afntijuana.info/seguridad/67914_amar...
— February 25, 2017 9:39 a.m.

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