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But for now, I remain and boy; is it just me or is it outright unbearable out there today? You know its been hot when the morning weather hottie on the Tee Vee calls a predicted 85 degrees a cool down! It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so monsoon predictably sticky! Hot, muggy and the rain helped for a minute but hey!, my little fishies down at the river bottom sure could use some more water than that but hey, I guess something is better than nothing? So that last rant I deposited sure was a doosie eh? So solly, I just had to get that out and it has been weighing heavy in my heart and head neither of them in that respective order. I came home yesterday to find that my daughter's mother had cut all of my Wired Hair Terrier/Schnauzer's fur off. This poor guy looks like a naked jack rabbit wit a humongous noggin. I looked down at him in utter disbelief and asked him,"What the fugg 'd she do to you boy??" Suddenly and much to my surprise he says,"Look at me Dad, I look like an idiot!" Tears began to well up in his sad dejeted blood shot eyes as he continued. "She shaved my balls, do you know how that feels?" Actually I do but thats for another time. I had to focus on the issue at hand. "Look buddy, its gonna grow back." "Oh sure" he quickly interjected. "But in the mean time I'm the imasculated jagoff over here having to put up with these grandkids of mine making fun of me" "True,...true", I murmured. Suddenly a thought occured to me, "Hey Puccinni", I began. (Yes his name is Puccinni. So I love the Opera) "So how long has it been you been speakin' and stuff?" "Dude", he shot back, "You look as bad as I feel you gonna say something, bet on that!" Ive always known thank cantankerous old mutt was smart. Damn, forgot to ask him about that butt sniffing business. Hey Puccinni!!
— August 4, 2014 1:49 p.m.

neighborhoods/otay-mesa -- Otay Mesa

So I left San Diego for a bit to find work in Reno. That was accomplished fairly quickly. Shouldn't have gone to stay with my jagoff brother. So at what point does one totally cut ties with toxic family members? A little over twenty years ago he found out he was adopted which understandably sent him on a tailspin that rocked us all. The next twenty years he's spent screwing us all. This is his M.O.; first he screws us and then he disappears. A few months later we'll get a probing call to see where we stand. He is after all our little brother and we always forgive him and he runs around like nothing ever happened only to screw us again at the first opportunity. The last year he's been somewhat acceptable. Four months ago he moved up to Reno to move in with his ex-wife's cousin and four,(Yes 4) children. All from different donors. He justifies this by saying that "Man we've been divorced for twenty years" Sure buddy. His four "real" children from the "ex" are all reacting differently. The oldest,(21 yrs) doesn't seem to care but we hardly ever see him. The next one, (19yrs) wont speak to him and the two younger ones seem to be somewhat tolerant. The youngest just started establishing a relationship with him. For his first few years as an adolescent he refused to see him saying his step-father was his real dad. So he's still blinded. Anyways, his success up there is due to this sad excuse for a woman's help. Suddenly the puke has forgotten all his transgressions and thinks his crap doesn't smell to high heaven. I'm just waiting to hear about it when he eventually blows it, because he will definitely blow it or the stupid girl will get tired of the megalomaniac manipulating her and mentally abusing her children. If she allows it, then OMG. So I had an issue and was fired with another job waiting in the wings and this mutt kicked me out. In Reno, hundreds of miles from home. Thank God that when I got fired I was handed a fistfull of cash which got me back home. Here's the thing. I fell in love with Reno. The people are idiots being ultra right wing tea baggers but the area is beautiful. I need to go back as there is nothing here for me. There are 80,000 people looking for work here compared to say 8,000 over there. So first I find something here and save and give 'er another try in a few months. I love San Diego with all my heart but its too bloody expensive to live here anymore. What to do?
— July 31, 2014 11:56 a.m.

neighborhoods/otay-mesa -- Otay Mesa

Got so sick of writing my entries here that I stopped for quite a while. I guess the only validation I get is from myself. Only goes to prove a certain study right. The inter-web has us all so easily connected with the ability to comment on most anything. Yet, we find ourselves in quite a lonely state. We sit in front of our keyboards and wait for something juicy to put our two cents into. We express outrage, happiness, love and we post poignant images or touching sayings. At times we choose to argue and point out other's misconceptions which are only coming from our perspective. Whos to say who is right and who is wrong? This relatively new technology has afforded us so many new advantages but, at what cost? Let me go back a bit. When the piston motor was invented it needed fuel to combust and get those pistons moving. That created what we have now. A petroleum dependent society that created wealthy and self serving oil barons. Not to mention the pollution both in emissions but in the exploitation of petroleum caches throughout the world creating another polluting industry. Now, this computer and its bastard child the internet. Our children spend hours a day on it, when they're not on their smartphones participating in the same brain numbing activities. Our thirst for convenience and comfort has exacted a terrible price that we cannot see the forest for the trees! I yearn for a simpler yet hard working time when a man's worth was weighed in sweat, resolve and honest hard work. Not in this capitalistic monster we westerners have created that is destroying our society for the pursuit of wealth. Our elders were once revered for their wisdom, knowledge and experience. Now we put them away in homes where the illusion of a fulfilling retirement is nothing more than a death sentence with no execution date. The proverbial snow ball has gained so much speed in these last 250 years that it boggles the mind. I wish we could stop it but, it is way too late. How much more time do we have left before we finally destroy ourselves and our precious children? Get close to your families people. Talk to them, hold them, hug them, love them.
— May 30, 2014 3:52 p.m.

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