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Got so sick of writing my entries here that I stopped for quite a while. I guess the only validation I get is from myself. Only goes to prove a certain study right. The inter-web has us all so easily connected with the ability to comment on most anything. Yet, we find ourselves in quite a lonely state. We sit in front of our keyboards and wait for something juicy to put our two cents into. We express outrage, happiness, love and we post poignant images or touching sayings. At times we choose to argue and point out other's misconceptions which are only coming from our perspective. Whos to say who is right and who is wrong? This relatively new technology has afforded us so many new advantages but, at what cost? Let me go back a bit. When the piston motor was invented it needed fuel to combust and get those pistons moving. That created what we have now. A petroleum dependent society that created wealthy and self serving oil barons. Not to mention the pollution both in emissions but in the exploitation of petroleum caches throughout the world creating another polluting industry. Now, this computer and its bastard child the internet. Our children spend hours a day on it, when they're not on their smartphones participating in the same brain numbing activities. Our thirst for convenience and comfort has exacted a terrible price that we cannot see the forest for the trees! I yearn for a simpler yet hard working time when a man's worth was weighed in sweat, resolve and honest hard work. Not in this capitalistic monster we westerners have created that is destroying our society for the pursuit of wealth. Our elders were once revered for their wisdom, knowledge and experience. Now we put them away in homes where the illusion of a fulfilling retirement is nothing more than a death sentence with no execution date. The proverbial snow ball has gained so much speed in these last 250 years that it boggles the mind. I wish we could stop it but, it is way too late. How much more time do we have left before we finally destroy ourselves and our precious children? Get close to your families people. Talk to them, hold them, hug them, love them.
— May 30, 2014 3:52 p.m.

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